[Info] SS501 Full Updates Part 2 {Chuseok Special TV Shows, Hyunjoong’s Cousin & Kyu’s Drama ‘Seti’}

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Celeb Updates, tv show
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As I say in my previous post, the updates will be divided into 2 parts 😀

Here is the 2nd part !

Due to Chuseok Festival, many TVs broadcast special show.

ss501 beach

And SS501 will be among the TV highlights as well.

KBS1 TV will broadcast the boys stagey back on Shenyang singing contest.

Catch the boys of course in High Quality videos *lol* on Oct 4 starting 12.10 pm-Korea time.

OBS Kyeongin TV will air Idol Documentary for their Chuseok Special show.

SS501 will also be a part of it.

The show will be aired on Oct 3-4,2009 from 4.55 pm – Korea time.

Aside SS501, the documentary will also featured :

Big Bang, 4minute, Lee Seunggi, Lee Minho and 2NE1.

MTV, will also aired special Idol history

via its program ‘MTV Heroes’ which also featured SS501.

Aside from SS501, other artists are : GOD, TVXQ, SuJu,

The show will be broadcast continously

on Oct 4,2009 from 10.00 am – 4 pm Korea time.

Meanwhile, while I browsed SS501 related news in Korean site,

I found out that Hyunjoong leader cousin Kim Hae-rim (20)

is a Profesional Golf Player in Korea.

haerim kim

Looks like HJL or not ^^

I can only get this pic of her~

hope to see a clearer face next time I get her pic 😀

As closing, here’s a promo material

from Kyujong‘s newest drama ~Seti~ w/ actress Hyorim.

OMG!! I am so anticipating Kyu‘s drama 😀

He was great in ‘Break’ drama ❤

seti promo

  1. PUiMUN says:

    glad to have you back here ! thanks for the updates~

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