[FanVid] SS501 in Wonderful Korea Concert !

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Event
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hjb ys wonderful concertHJB & YS during Wonderful Korea Concert

SS501 went for Wonderful Korea Concert on Sept 27,2009 as scheduled.

Anyway, I only find videos from fans..

As we see from video, no leader HJ on stage, glad that he’s still resting 😀

Videos are divided by stagey/talk session


Talk Session/Focus

YS Focus

Kyu Focus + a lil’ Jungmin n HJB


Kyu focus during ‘Bcoz I am stupid’ stagey

Kyu focus during ‘U R Man’ stagey

YS focus during ‘U R Man’ stagey

~heads up to shirbogurl21+as tagged~

  1. Soin says:

    wow so fast ^^
    there are a lot to watch this week !!
    Baby was so thin…his face looked really small >_<
    was wondering also if HJL would be on the stage or not

    thanks to all the credits, i'd love to share also if i hav ones
    thank u Imuyachan~

  2. sheila mae nabaso says:

    hi i hope you’l fine

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