[Info] SS501 Persona Concert in Hongkong Dec 12,2009 (Tickets, etc.)

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Event
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+Read Away !

SS501 hongkong concertdetails1details2

heads up to TRiKs

Meanwhile, DSP Media released the seating arrangement!


  1. jennykoi says:

    omo!!!!! i’ll be in HongKong on Nov. 27-30! just booked my flight last Monday.. huhuhuhu… noooooo!!!! i hope there are promotional stuffs already by then. T_T

  2. candy says:

    huhuhu…. so sad…. i may not be able to watch their HK concert…

    if i only found this site earlier, i would rather choose HK instead of BKK….

  3. marvis says:

    Hi… any idea when are they coming to s’pore for concert. i dont want to miss it. Pls update me, thanks.

  4. G. says:

    I so wanna go. Thank you! 😉
    Hopefully, I’ll have a flight in Hongkong at the 10th of Dec so I could extend for their concert. Pray for me! 😉

  5. Ka Yee says:

    any1 noe whr else to buy SS501 Persona concert’s ticket in HK??
    Nt hkticketing..bcuz i wan to find the $980 standing ticket nt the sitting one…
    WAITING 4 u guys reply…

    Also…Does any1 noe which hotel r SS501 guin to stay??
    Plz reply faster….^^

    THX..so much..~

  6. Triple_S says:

    Do you know which hotel are SS501 going to stay in HK in December 2009?? =D
    Also…Where can we buy the $980 standing ticket??
    Pls reply…^^

  7. Triple_S says:

    Can I find out where did SS501 stay during their fan meeting in Hong Kong last time??
    I mean…which hotel…
    Does anyone know where??

    Pls reply faster..^^
    Thx so much…xD

  8. KaYee says:

    Does anyone know whr r SS501 HK conference goin to be?? I mean in…December..hee^^
    If YES..PleaSe tell me ya…^^
    Thx YOU so MUCHHHhh…

    • Imuyachan says:

      dsp only release their press con date in near time..u better check with their HK organizer for exact date ^^ yet, i will inform if i heard any 😀 tx 4 coming…

      • Ka Yee says:

        Thx..Imuyachan..Try to help me n FIND OUT whr r they staying…hee^^
        Can I know the contact number of the HK organizer??

        Thx!! <33

  9. Ka Yie says:

    Does anyone know where is SS501 going to stay in HK??…I mean which hotel..
    in December 2009..
    Pls tell me yea….Thx..

    So muchhiee…=D

    • Imuyachan says:

      anyone can help Ka Yie ? i will inform if i read any info ^^

      • Ka Yie says:

        Thank you very much..=D
        Pls inform me..^^

        What about the hotel they stayed when they went to HK for the conference last time??
        What was the hotel called??
        Can you please tell me?? ;D
        Thanks agn…=P

        Er…do you know what hotel they have in Lantau, HK??
        Pls tell me..

        Sorry for the trouble..
        I’m just too EXCITED..=x

  10. arlene kim says:

    oh i will miz d concert.i already hve a ticket.oh no so sad.it bcoz of my work permit here in bermuda.btw hw can i refund my ticket?but i send a xmas present 4 dem.gud luck guys.keepup d gud work…..gud health always.luv u ss501.god speed……………

  11. yen says:

    if u want to see concert but can not get ticket plz come to thailand we still hv ticket fr persona con

  12. Sharmaine says:

    OMIGOD!!!! I was in hong kong from the 10-12th. And they came to hong kong when i just arrived in hong kong. The most saddest thing happened. I went to the freakin bathroom, and meanwhile…my mom outside saw KIM HYUN JOONG walk past. I repeat. KIM HYUN JOONG. And of all times, i had to be in the toilet. WTH. I just missed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Sad hyun joong fan fr. s’pore

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