[Info+PhotoS] SS501 Leader Hyunjoong in Family Outing 09.20.2009~Warning! Heavy Image~

Posted: September 21, 2009 in photo spread, tv show
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On Sept 20,2009 at 5.20 pm KST – Family Outing tv show greet the tv viewer.

Today’s episode guests as we all know are SS501 Kim Hyunjoong and Big Bang Seungri.

I only watched it for 20 mins >.< Yet, these photos below will surely shows you the show atmosphere.

Kim Hyunjoong appeared w/ his black blazer & leather shoes while Seungri w/ his white blazer, which happily welcomed by all Family Member; and am so *lol* when the show team always play BoF ost everytime they talked about (or shoot) HJL’s face ^^

I can see how Hyori unnie and SS501 (HJL in this show) are very close since she directly welcomed HJL by her voice when she knew it was him who’s arrived 😀 No wonder, since SS501 was her hoobae when she was with DSP 😀

Anyway, the Korean Sites say :

– The rating for the Family Outing is even higher due to Hyunjoong & Seungri’s appearance

Hyunjoong looks so happy when he had the chance to went on a ‘date’ with Hyori unnie, yet, in the midst of their ‘date’ Hyori unnie says, ” Hyunjoong-a, u seemed to stepped on a feces!” ~ which directly made HJL embarasssed *lol*

HJL will still appear on Sept 27,2009 episode !

And, the soonest FO fansubs finished their subs, I will posted the 2 esp that features HJL here 😀

Enjoy the photos !


HJL arrival and Seungri after changing his clothes 😀


HJL and Seungri changed into diving suit



‘Family’ Beach Lifeguard ? *lol*


HJL with hyori unnie long caps

HJL’s date w/ Hyori Unnie 😀

HJL looks so happy ^^v

Other Random Captions from Sept 20 episode 😀







All photos credit to SBS TV

  1. ghilyn says:

    hahaha…guys i just imagined how this was…LOL 🙂

  2. Byeolbic says:

    Ha ha ha … i can’t wait to see the subs

  3. Merpati says:

    It doesn’t matter!!!…..I still loyal survey your blog every day, because from here I am able to see new story of SS501 and leader……

    I loyally wait other episode in your blog.

    Thanks Imuyachan

  4. Praew says:

    watched it! (:
    really cute >3<
    leader seemed really happy with hyori unnie~ 🙂 ❤

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