[Event] SS501, Brown Eyed Girls, DJ Doc and Roora are together for ‘Back to the 90’s Top 10 Big Concert’

Posted: September 18, 2009 in Event
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SS501 will join senior performers in the “Back to the 90’s Top 10 Big Concert”.

A large scale concert called “Back to the 90’s Top 10 Big Concert” will be held in Daegu Stadium on October 10,2009 from 7 pm (Korea Time) onwards.

The concert is set out from KBS2 TV Show named ‘Gayo Top 10’; The concert will play popular songs from 90’s era.

This 150 minutes concert senior performer line up : Roora, Cool, DJ Doc, The Blue, Kim Hyunjeong, Hong Kyungmin, Wax, Koyote, etc. They will performed top hits parade from the 90’s in front of estimated 4 mio spectators.


These senior singers will also collaborate with special guest stars from current popular idol group SS501 & Brown Eyed Girls. Though SS501 leader Hyunjoong was previously down to Swine Flu in Japan, yet, he is cured and already back to Korea since Sept 16,2009.

“Back to the 90’s Top 10 Big Concert” ticket can be purchased via interpark.

Another event *sighh*

But this one in October, so Leader probably healthy nuff to join 😀


  1. soin says:

    this is so interesting~
    i wish i could be there !!! i wanna see them all ^^

    yep yep hope Leader will be very healthy then

    thank u for the news !!

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