[Event] SS501 will participate in ‘Wonderful Korea Concert’

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Event
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To succeed Visit Korea Year from 2010-2012, a Wonderful Korea Concert that’s packed w/ Korean Top Singers will be held in the country

In conjunction w/ the ‘2009 Korea Grand Sale’ festival whilst also to attract more foreign tourist to Korea, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism-organized by  Korea Tourism Association will held an event called ‘Wonderful Korea Concert‘.


The concert will be held at Olympic Fencing Stadium on Sept 27,2009  from 6 pm – 9 pm (KST).


As MC for the event will be Yun Sonha & Kim Boseong, while performer line up: SS501, G-Dragon, SG Wannabe, T-Max, Evan, etc.

The concert is said to be one of the best concerts in the year of 2009, as a festival place to enjoy the leading Hallyu stars (via koreagrandsale)

The ‘2009 Korea Grand Sale’ ambassador Jeong Junho will also attend the event, and he was also giving his voice towards the event, “2009 Korea Grand Sale festival has a goal to attract even more foreign tourist to Korea, as well as introducing the variety of Korean Culture to the world”.

Meanwhile, the “2009 Korea Grand Sale” festival will be held from September 26-November 25,2009 with estimated 15,000 participants including hotels and department store.

(Source is NATE+Korea Grand Sale)

I hope leader is fully recovered when this event executed *pray*

wonderful concert

  1. Quynh says:

    same here…i’m praying with you imuyachan 🙂
    why oh why is he not resting in jeju?? why are the boys not resting??? i’m sooo worried that one or more of them will get sick again…none of them look so good these days :/

    thanks for the update

    • Imuyachan says:

      he is resting now in jeju..i dunno whether he will join other member in wondeful korea concert..dsp hasn’t released any updates 😦 but, as per i posted the info, korea tourism board still put ss501 name on the list..

  2. tonks42 says:

    Gosh i hope that if he isn’t ready yet he and the management won’t forced him to perform or if he does perform please don’t have him overworked from rehearsals and all…..Hoping and praying for Kim Hyun Joong’s full and total recuperation…..GOd Bless you and the whole SS501!!!!

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