Welcome back SS501 Leader Hyunjoong!

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Celeb Updates, dsp media, photo spread, video
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Today, leader HJ arrived in Kimpo airport at 02.20 pm (KST).

Leader HJ flew back to Korea using Asiana Airlines oZ 1015


and his arrival welcomed by estimated 100 Triple S .

HJL only gave a simple greeting in the airport and it went like this,

” Thank you yet very sorry for making all fans and everyone worried. I’m healthy now”.

” I will continue the recovery in Korea and be back for 2nd album. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the concern.

I would like to apologize to all fans and all people.

Thank you!

Leader welcome home !!!

He still looks superb tired and so much like a patient >.<

He’s in need of more proper rest, u can tell by his voice 😦

It breaks my heart to see him like this >.<

Photos & video from airport below!















Triple S shows some Love 2 HJL !




Video from airport !

heads up to shirbogurl21 for video

  1. tonks42 says:

    i was happy to see him though he seems frail and he really needs to rest some more…i am happy to hear that he will rest before resuming their busy schedule…Take care of your health from now on…God Bless!!!Good to see you back…tnx for all the photos/videos for sharing and updating the fans….I and i bet loads of the SS501 fans greatly appreciate it…..

  2. Soin says:

    thank u Imuyachan for this news !!!!
    i havent check out the vdo since i’m still @ work
    but it just felt so good to see he’s back …

    Leader, u don’t need to say sorry…
    pls just take care and rest well
    we’ll be happy if u r healthy ^^

    thank u for gathering this

  3. Quynh says:

    thanks imuyachan 🙂
    sooo glad leader is back
    i had tears when first pics showed up last night (it was night for me here in california when it was 2 pm over in seoul)


  4. candy says:

    leader.. get more rest.. don’t worry too much

    we will always be happy to see you fully recovered..

    take care always…

    thanks for this vid…

  5. claraclaudia says:

    sumbea kim hyun joong cool and hand some

  6. Praew says:

    did he get serious h1n1?
    cos many of my friends hav h1n1 right now,,,but its not that serious…
    he seemed so tired in the photos T^T !!
    get some rest leader~ 🙂

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