[Event] Modeling Hotsun Chicken w/ Kim Hyunjoong!

Posted: September 15, 2009 in Event
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+hjl poster hotsun

Hotsun Chicken held a Model Contest  for their product and will put the new face together w/ the  current exclusive model Kim Hyunjoong in their Ad.

The contest will be held from Sept 14 ’till October 30,2009. The event is a joint promo event with MBC Drama & Music Academy.

To join the competition, contestant can easily go to http://www.hotsun.co.kr for more event details.

Besides getting an exclusive model contract, the prize will be 2 mio won for 1st winner, 2nd winner will get 1 mio won and 3rd winner will get 500.000 won prize.

hjl hotsun

Kim Hyunjoong has been the exclusive model for Hotsun Chicken for 6 months period, and has made the brand even gaining more popularity. Netizen also gives the product a nickname as ‘Kim Hyunjoong Chicken’.

I want to join 😀 haha…

*lol* at Kim Hyunjoong Chicken 😀


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