[Full Report] Kim Hyunjoong is CURED from Swine Flu! ~7 translations to celebrate~

Posted: September 15, 2009 in Celeb Updates, dsp media
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We all know, that HJL is under medication in Japan due to Swine Flu disease. As I browse few news about him, there are 2 discharge dates’ being release, I don’t really care about his exact discharge date, all I care is him being cured and back to Korea 😀 Thank you God for curing our leader and brought him back to Korea 😀

Other lil’ updates are :

  1. HJL will be back to Korea and continues his recovery and treatment.  It is said, his recovery will be done in Jeju Island.
  2. HJL was getting his recovery status from Japan’s hospital today (which freed him to leave the country). DSP Media also said to NATE that HJL will visit hospital in Korea to get another test and get their confirmation too about his health condition.
  3. Hotsun Chicken CEO recently stated how aggressive the consumer this year towards their product which also affected by HJL’s role as their endorser ^^
  4. According to gumnuri@sportschosun.com , as HJL will be back and having his break while continues his recovery and treatment in Korea, other SS501 member will be also taking their break and resting.
  5. Some K-sites says that their new album released will be in the end of this month, but, some says that it will in the beginning of October 2009. I think it’s better if we wait for DSP official announcement regarding this subject 😀
  6. Only reporter from CBS (update5) who wrote that HJL discharge date was on Sept 12-while others said it is today Sept 15,2009-yet, all wrote the same about his return date which is Sept 16,2009!!

Meanwhile, HJL cured news well received by netizen, here are some of their comments :

  • Thank you ! Comeback Healthy!
  • I’m glad ! U recover faster !
  • Take care!

And I decide to translate those few news around the net 😀

The latest update is the one on top part 😀 See the posted time so u won’t get confuse !

Read Away !

[News 8] – Source is gumnuri @ Sportschosun – posted on Sept 15,2009 at 15.51 am (KST)

After receiving treatment in Japan, Kim Hyunjoong will return to Korea on Sept 16,2009.

DSP,” Hyunjoong will resume his activities after his condition back to its normal condition.”

Meanwhile, the rest SS501 will also join HJL and taking their rest too.

Triple S is so happy to hear his recovery and come back news, and planned to welcome him at the airport on Sept 16,2009.

[News 7] – Source is 양승준 @ SPN – posted on Sept 15,2009 at 09.16 am (KST)

Fans finally get the confirmed news about SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong discharge date from hospital and that is today on Sept 15,2009.

On Sept 15,2009  Hyunjoong is discharge from hospital, and on Sept 16,2009 he will return to Korea.

HJL rep said to SPN reporter via phone that HJ leader is discharge from hospital today Sept 15,2009 and will be back to Korea on Sept 16,2009. Whilst, his future activities will be adjusted to his health condition.

After return to Korea, Hyunjoong will continue his recovery, and after he fully recovered, he will continue his activities with SS501 new album and CF shoots.

[News 6] – Source is 김형우 cox109@newsen.com – posted on Sept 15,2009 at 09.14 am (KST)

SS501 Leader Kim Hyunjoong is CURED!

Hyunjoong has been hospitalized in Japan, yet, on Sept 15,2009, he is discharge from hospital.

According to HJL spoke person, “He is cured. It is confirmed. His later activities shouldn’t be a problem, yet, he won’t overdo it. He will resume schedule but it all depends to his body condition.”

” Hyunjoong’s treatment was shorter than we expected, then again, we would also like to apologize for making the fans worried about Hyunjoong’s condition.”

[News 5] – Source is omj@cbs.co.kr – posted on Sept 15,2009 at 09.13 am (KST)

It is decided ! Kim Hyunjoong is back to Korea!

After hospitalized in Japan due to Swine Flu, SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong was discharge from hospital on Sep 12,2009.

Unlike some media have been reporting, Hyunjoong is actually discharge from hospital since sept 12,2009.

Hyunjoong is now resting in Japan and run few more test in hospital before comeback to Korea on Sept 16,2009.

[News 4] – Source is KimHyesung @ MoneyTodayStarNews – posted on Sept 15,2009 at 09.06 am (KST)

SS501 leader HJ is cured from Swine Flu, yet, his future activities have dragged people’s attention as they all wondering when he will be back to the spotlight!

A source close to HJL told Money Today Starnews reporter that Hyunjoong has finally survive from Swine Flu and will be back to Korea on sept 16,2009.

“Hyunjoong’s comeback will be fully decided by his doctor. We will resume his schedule after his doctor says it’s fine for him to do his activities.”

[News 3] – Source is kiss@sportshankook.co.kr – posted on Sept 15,2009 at 08.15 am (KST)

Confirm cured from swine flu within 1 week ! Tomorrow will be back to Korea .

Kim Hyunjoong is discharge from hospital on Sept 15,2009 and will be back to Korea on Sept 16,2009.

Kim Hyunjoong hospitalized for Swine Flu disease in Japan and his discharge date was confirmed after he recovered from the illness. Hyunjoong will be back to Korea and continue his recovery in pararel.

Last week, Hyunjoong was hospitalized in Japan, and his mom also flew to Japan to accompanied him; it said that after his mother came to his side, Hyunjoong has even a quicker recovery. Meanwhile, Hyunjoong’s comeback will be decided after he finished his recovery process. Whilst, SS501 will release their 2nd Korean Studio Album in the end of this month 3 years after their 1st Korean studio album release.

Meanwhile, his fans Triple S are more than happy to hear Kim Hyunjoong’s recovery news.

On Sept 5&6,2009 Kim Hyunjoong was in Japan for BoF Premium Event, and after suffering high fever and swine flu he was cured in an isolation room from a hospital in Japan.

[News 2] – Source is butthegirl@mtstarnews.com – posted on Sept 15,2009 at 08.13 am (KST)

Kim Hyunjoong spoke person says to Money Today Star News people via phone that Kim Hyunjoong is discharge from hospital today Sept 15,2009. And after resting, he will be back to Korea on Sept 16,2009.

[News 1] – Source is happy@osen.co.kr – posted on Sept 15,2009 at 07.58 am (KST)

After being hospitalized due to Swine Flu in Japan, Kim Hyunjoong is discharge from hospital on Sept 15,2009.

Kim Hyunjoong health status is improving to the secure level (means he won’t infect other people) and ready to be discharge. It is also said that Hyunjoong will be back to Korea on Sept 16,2009.

On Sept 15,2009, DSP rep says,”Hyunjoong and his dance team member who infected by Swine Flu has gain health improvement and their health status is ok to be discharge from hospital. Hyunjoong’s comeback is still undecided since we will have him fully recovered first then decide his comeback schedule.”

  1. tonks42 says:

    All i know is hearing that he was discharged and ready to go back to Korea equals my peace of mind and i know the rest of their fans as well…I was also relieved that he will still continue to rest and recuperate properly before going back to work…The management made the right decision to make sure that he is doing well before resuming his work…I hope and pray that from now on his health and the health of the rest of SS501 will be prioritized by their Management….Please don’t overworked them too much….

    God Bless and please take good care of your health always…

  2. Quynh says:

    yay leader is back 🙂
    thanks for the updates

  3. yana says:

    wah. thank god i heard that news…
    i hope that hyun joong will get a proper rest right now…
    thanks for ur updates imuyachan

  4. anjou says:

    kamsahamnida for the good news !!

  5. candy says:

    so happy to hear the GOOD NEWS!!!!!


  6. Soin says:

    Celebrates his recovery~~~*
    ^ . ^

    thanx for the trans.

  7. Marvis says:

    Really very glad to hear that he has recovered. Hope that things will be going fine for kim hyun joong yah… thanks for the info. keep me update. thanks again.

  8. arezou says:

    i hope u get better dear KIM HYUN JOONG!

  9. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for the info!! I can put my heart at rest now because I’ve already known that he is fine.
    Hope that he’ll back faster!! Because I really glad to!
    Kim Hyun Joong, get well soon!

  10. mgparlay says:

    Great news for Myanmar f4 lover.)
    May you have good health forever

  11. gina says:

    hiiii,,, l am gina,when u come to indonesia?

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