[Info] Kim Hyunjoong illness vs his Ads

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Advertisement, Celeb Updates
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The recent news about SS501 leader HJ‘s being infected by Swine Flu has made the companies which used him as their brand ambassador worried.

DK ad

Dynamic Kin is having an event to commemorate their 100 days launch by holding an event ” Party with Kim Hyunjoong”. From Sept 1-Nov 29th,2009, DK will choose 5 lucky consumer who purchased DK 250ml/500ml/1.5L products and login to DK’s website using the printed activity number on the bottle, it will be a 450 people in total and DK  will invite them to have a party with Kim Hyunjoong. Yet, Hyunjoong illness has been worrying them in related to the event schedule.

Kim Hyunjoong popularity and image in BoF drama suits Dynamic Kin image which has made him chosen as the beverage ambassador.

Dynamic Kin rep.,” First time hearing the news of course we worried him (as in health condition) and we also worried the schedule at the same time, fortunately his condition is getting better, so I don’t think it will affect the event.”

Whilst, Samsung Electronics who owns Samsung Mobile or known as Anycall in Korea also express their concerns about Hyunjoong condition, yet, they also say that there’s no activities in near time, so nothing to worry about. Same thing goes to Hotsun Chicken which Hyunjoong also endorsed.

le coq

As for Le Coq Sportif which Hyunjoong also endorsed together with other SS501 member, says that the grup has done their Fall Photoshoot so there’s no problem too.

(Source is NATE)

I just hope he recovers and came back to Korea the soonest >.<

  1. soin says:

    thank u for the update on these news
    i also wish he recovers soon…

    please, don’t overworked him please

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