[Info] Hyunjoong Leader Health Updates

Posted: September 11, 2009 in dsp media, Event
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After confirmed to be infected by Swine Flu, SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong was hospitalized in Japan since Sept 7,2009.

DSP Media says on Sept 9,” Kim Hyunjoong has improved his condition after taking his Tamiflu medication. His fever and sore throat are gone. He also said that Hyunjoong was sorry for making everyone’s worry and expressed his thank yous for the fans’ attention to his illness.”

DSP Media also stated that on Sept 9, Kim Hyunjoong‘s mother already flew to Japan to accompanied her son during his medication process.

Due to Hyunjoong‘s condition, all SS501 September schedule will be adjusted.

Kim Hyunjoong was confirmed to suffer Swine Flu, yet, the rest of SS501 member didn’t show any symptoms in Japan.

But on Sept 9, DSP Media has taken the other 4 member for a Swine Flu test in a hospital in Kangnam area and the test result is negative.

Meanwhile, SS501 special group (Heo Youngsaeng, Kim Kyujong, Kim Hyungjoon)  will come on Hyunjoong‘s behalf for Sept 11 Seoul Drama Awards event and Sept 13 for KBS Shenyang Special event.

(Source is NATE)

  1. loluo-chan says:

    OMG I Just heard this news and I’m wondering
    who will take leader place in the Seoul Drama Awards 2morro….
    thanks for the news..
    I hope he will recover soon
    Fighting Leader.
    Fighting SS501.

  2. Didilu says:

    Such a pity that Leader is unable to accept the award himself. Leader ssi, please get well soon!
    Thanks for sharing the news.

  3. louise says:

    OH… So sorry to hear he’s ill… hoping he get well soon… i bet he was so exhausted his immune system is very low and easily affected by it… get well soon KHJ… aja!!!!

  4. Soin says:

    Gosh…we were all so worried !
    it’s good to hear that his Omma go to accompany him~so sweet
    this would help a lot….

    thank you for this update !! so we will see the guys tonight then ^^
    where is Jungmin anyway ?? miz him also

    Fighting SS501 !!
    Thank you for the news

  5. Marvis says:

    Glad to hear that his fever and sore throat are gone. Please update me the latest info of Kim Hyun Joong. Thanks.

  6. alloo says:

    oppa get well soon
    thanx for the info
    I’m worried about our dear leader 😦

  7. Sarani Saeng says:

    I can`t believe this is happening… Everything bad in that band happens to Leader… He was cursed by the anti-fans, I`m sure >.>”
    I just hope he`ll be ok… I mean, I hope that he`ll resist…
    Go HyunJoong oppa! We (or I) love you ^^
    Thank you for posting these, it`s really important for me ^^.
    And I`m reading this blog even if this is my first comment ^^

  8. jhona says:

    hyun joong,pls take care of ur self!!!!im so worried for you!get well soon!
    thanks for the info!!!!

  9. Khin Sandi Linn says:


    I’m wondering when i heard this news. But i hope you have enough strength to resist it because you have many people who are worrying for you as well as praying for you.
    I’m hoping to hear that you will be well soon.

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