[Event] SS501 Sub Unit in Seoul Drama Awards 2009 (09.11.2009)

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Event, photo spread, video
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I was watching the show live since KBS World is broadcasting it at the same time as Seoul.

SS501 performed only 1 song >.<

I thought it was supposed to be 2 songs w/ Bcoz I’m Stupid (Ost.BoF) oh well,

they performed U R Man Remix , yet, the mics aren’t working well >.<

Esp. Youngsaeng’s mic >.< aghhh…

The boys were using white custome which made them looked superb handsome ❤

I can see HJ leader during the Pretty Boys filler which featured Korean F4 *sad*

Then Producer of BoF said ‘get well soon’ to HJL, same thing said by Lee Junki

when he was about to mention the People’s Choice Best Actor Winner which is won by Leader HJ !

Fellow winner for Best Actress – nation’s lil’ sister Moon Geunyoung also mentioned HJL’s name.

SS301 received the award on behalf of HJL, n YS spoke as he was the leader for sub unit,

what amazed me was : Youngsaeng didn’t seem shy n all he was fully confident

when delivering his acceptance speech on behalf of HJL 🙂

Enjoy the Videos !

SS501 – U R Man remix

SS501 Acceptance Speech

cred : shirbogurl21

Photos from Event

ss in sda1

ss in sda2

ss in sda3

ss in sda4

ss in sda5

ss in sda6

ss in sda7

  1. Marvis says:

    Congratulation to Kim Hyun Joong. He finally make it. Wish him the best. Where to see his response to all these post. Is there anyway to know which fanclub he is surfing? Please update me. Thanks and gd day.

    • Imuyachan says:

      as i know, he only posts some notes to ss501 forum from dsp official site..he usually wrote some notes there..yet, u need to be a member of the forum..which is hard since u need to have a korean citizenship number n stuff >.<

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