[Info] Leader HJ remained in Japan due to Swine Flu

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Celeb Updates, dsp media
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OMG ! Sept 8 is too much from Kpop World!

On Sept 8, 2PM leader Jaebum left Korea, and while am still in the midst of Jay’s update, I get info on how SS501 Leader HJ was infected by Swine Flu.

I dunno how to feel about this ! I have mixed feelings ’bout this !

I feel I wanna mad to DSP for not taking care our leader nicely >.<

But then again what’s the use, I just wish him to recover from his illness and get proper rest !!!

I dunno how many times I wrote this ‘Get urself a proper Rest’ post since I start this blog T_T

GETWELL SOON Leader HJ ! We ❤ U !! I hope DSP will give other member a proper rest too !!!!!!

Anyway, according to inews365, other BoF Cast such as : Kimbum, Kimjoon and Gu Hyesun were also get themselves tested to the swine flu symptoms and the results are negative.

The top part is the latest update (please read the date so, u won’t confuse) !

[Update 5]

Source is NATE – posted from Sept 8-9,2009 (various articles compilation)

Kim Hyunjoong is confirmed to suffered from Swine Flu as the Japan’s hospital ER rep stated.

Kim Hyunjoong is planned to visit Shenyang-China to attend the KBS National Singing Contest on Sept 13,2009 (other article said it was Sept 12 >.<) and also to attend the Seoul Drama Awards on Sep 11,1009,yet, due to his condition it is confirmed by DSP Media that he won’t be attending the events.

Meanwhile, netizen also shows their concern to leader HJ.

Few of netizen comments :

  1. I heard that this Swine Flu is dangerous. Get well soon!
  2. I know it’s dangerous when I knew u’ll visit Japan. So sad…
  3. Recover soon and get back to Korea
  4. Don’t worry about the schedule and stuff, just rest ..

DSP said that after hospitalized and getting tretament, Hyunjoong’s condition is gradually improved 😀 It is said, that Hyunjoong will be hospitalized until he totally cure and that it will be taking at least 5 days for the whole process.

DSP also stated in his official site that all SS501 schedule for Sept and later will be modified due to Hyunjoong’s condition and they will post new bulletin of the modified SS501 schedule.

[Update 4]

Source is maxmovie+NATE

The rest of SS501 member : Heo Youngsaeng, Kim Kyujong, Park Jungmin and Kim Hyungjoon were pass the swine flu test and had returned to Korea on schedule on Sept 7,2009.The rest of SS501 member except Kim Hyunjoong is now getting their break and resting from activities.

[Update 3]

Source is breaknews – posted on Sept 9,2009(03.01 KST)

Kim Hyunjoong was rushed to the ER in Japan’s hospital after his condition worsen and suffered high fever when he made his way at the airport. The ER rep confirmed that SS501 leader has been infected with Swine Flu and need to be treated properly.

DSP Media,” After getting his Tamilfu medication, his condition is improved. The local Doctor also said that Hyunjoong has a good physical condition that could help him to recover fast.

Right now, DSP Japan Manager is sent to the hospital to monitor his condition and continuously check his health status.

Due to Hyunjoong’s condition it is possible that the group’s comeback in the mid of Sept will be delayed.

[Update 2]

Source is kwnews – posted on Sept 8,2009

Kim Hyunjoong is currently hospitalized in Japan and received treatment for his swine flu illlness.

DSP media,” Kim Hyunjoong was scheduled to return to Korea on Sept 7,2009 together with the rest of SS501 member, yet, due to his high fever in the airport he was rushed to the emergency room and now treated under Doctor in Japan’s hospital. Kim Hyunjoong is currently isolated for treatment and said to have an improvement condition.”

As for other SS501 member it is said that they didn’t show any swine flu symptoms.

[Update 1]

Source is newscj – posted on Sept 8,2009 (18.06 KST)

Shock ! Kim Hyunjoong is under treatment in Japan for Swine Flu!

Kim Hyunjoong is hospitalized in Japan due to his down condition caused by Swine Flu.

On Sept 8, DSP Media,” This morning, he started to get a Tamiflu medication. Yet, Kim Hyunjoong’s condition is improved and getting better after the hospitalization. He was already sick during the Sept 5-6,2009 BoF event. And his condition on Sept 6th,2009 was even worse since he had high fever and headache symptoms.

“He was supposed to get on flight on Sept 7th,2009 at 12.00 schedule, yet, at the airport with his high fever, the airport forbid him to fly as he will put other passenger in risk and then he was rushed to the emergency room”.

DSP media,”Kim Hyunjoong is currently hospitalized in Japan and his condition is improved as he is now getting Tamiflu medication and under Doctor treatment.Whilst, all his schedule will be adjusted to his condition.”

TAMIFLU is a prescription medication for flu prevention and treatment in adults and children aged 1 year and older (via tamiflu)

  1. Donavee says:

    hyun-joong oppa!!! i knew you weren’t feeling well…so sad…tears
    ahs i’m glad that at least the rest of the oppas are okay…
    speedy recovery…screw the schedule..rest and come back w/ the 4D-ness and shining smile that i love 🙂
    the rest of the oppas should rest too…

    ss501 hwaiting!!!

    thanks for posting w/ latest updates….i really need them….i was really worried and your site gave me the best info 🙂 thanks again…keep those updates coming

  2. eikisonata says:

    Dear God, the news is really shaking me. I knew he did lots of traveling but I always have thought in mind that he will always safe.

    The important thing is not to blaming others why this happen, but what is most important is to him get recovered soon.

    So, I would like to leave my short message to him.

    “Hyun Joong,

    When I was sad or feel sick, I always thought that God is testing me. To remind me, that I should always keep my faith to Him. Cause I know, God never burden someone if He think the person can’t endure it.

    So Hyun Joong, fighting the disease and remember God is always beside you. All you need is pray and God will bless you back.

    Hopefully when you read this short message, you already recovered. Get well and rest well. Fighting !!”

    Luv ^^,

  3. Soin says:

    thank u for all the updates !! you have gathered a lot…
    thank uuuu

    Hyunjoong please take your time to rest~
    we wanna see you smiling healthily n stage ^^
    fighting SS501

  4. corona queen says:

    hi HJ
    I’m sorry for your illness
    i wish u to be healthy

  5. sue says:

    which hosipital in JPN??? i wanna visit him!!!

    • Imuyachan says:

      DSP didn’t mention the hospital’s name dearie..yet, since SS501 were attending the boys over flowers event in yokohama and it was said that Hyunjoong was rushed to the nearest hospital u might start from there..just check which airport served yokohama-seoul route and with 12.00 flight schedule on sept 7,2009..gluck 😀 i will informed if DSP said the hospital’s name..

    • Imuyachan says:

      or u can simply contact DSP Japan for the hospital’s name… DSP Entertainment Japan : TEL:03-5772-2228 / FAX:03-5772-2229 / E-mail: tokyo@dspenter.jp

  6. babyearthdragon says:

    hi,kim I think you can do everything very well. Take care of your health cos’ it is important for you. You look dreadfully tired. Never give up!kim!

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