[Event] SS501 in BoF Premium Event in Yokohama-Japan

Posted: September 7, 2009 in Event, fanvid
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ss501 in japan

From Sept 5th-6th,2009 – SS501 together with leader Kim Hyunjoong were in Japan to attend the Boys over Flowers Premium event.

The event took place in Pacific Hall-Yokohama University where Idol group SS501 sang 4 songs that received huge applause from the 4000 Japanese fans.

Aside from the 4 stagey, Leader Hyunjoong also performed his solo stage singing his solo songs  ‘Please Treat Me Right’ and ‘Thank You’.

SS501 performance in the event was to show the group supports towards their leader, besides also as the drama Ost. singer.

IMX (Interactive Media Mix) as the organizer also mentioned that SS501 is a popular Korean group in Japan and leader Hyunjoong participation in the Boys over Flowers drama has adding even more popularity to the group in the sakura country.

Meanwhile, leader Hyunjoong was reported to suffer sore throat, fever, and catched flu during the BoF Premium event. It was said, that Hyunjoong‘s illness was caused by fatigue. (No wonder, just see their schedule for God sake >.<)

His illness also the reason why Kim Hyunjoong didn’t attend the Press Conference with the local media.

DSP Japan,” Kim Hyunjoong is resting in Yokohama Intercontinental Hotel after taking his medicine, so he can attend the BoF Premium event at night. ”

Though he suffered severe fever and all, leader Hyunjoong insist to attend the event because he didn’t want to disappoint the Japanese fans.

OMG ! I knew there’s sumthin wrong w/ leader as I see his pale face in the event photos.

Yet, no news about that when I translate the earlier news >.<

He shud get some rest b4 he faints TT_TT !! All member shud rest !!

Anyway, here are fan videos from the event!

SS501 Introduction at Japan BOF Fanmeeting

Leader looks like he cud faint anytime >.<

❤ how HJB tapped leader’s back ❤

Double HJ  is ❤

SS501 “A Song Calling for You” at Japan BOF Fanmeeting

Leader is still so handsome, but,  I can hear how sick he was when singing >.<

heads up to cyworld+shirbogurl21

  1. zizen says:

    Poor Leader! He need to have adequate resting time. DSP has him overworked all the time. He’s such a great leader. <333
    Thanks for sharing! love SS501

  2. Soin says:

    he had such puffy-eyed…
    i know he enjoys work, anyway please take care !! Hyunjoongie
    so you can enjoy it the fullest !!

    i think a lot of Korean artists are like this
    Junjin also once fainted on stage T_T

    we here will be happy if all the members are healthy and happy
    fighting SS !!!!

    thank u for the news ^^

  3. pada says:

    Leader cought Flu! Staying hospital and taking rest!!

    maybe schedule change and CD too???

    Hope he’ll be better . have more Rest .

    Waiting nice Smile!
    (sorry my poor ENG ><)


  4. sue says:

    he looks very tired in the shows!!!! poor leader! but, he still did his best in the performance!!!! gambate!!!!

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