[Video] Kim Hyunjoong-Lee Minho-UEE in NEW ANYCALL CF

Posted: August 21, 2009 in Advertisement
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Found these videos today !

Huge thx to hoonfami @ YT

Enjoy !

21.08.09 – Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Min Ho – Anycall Magic Hole CF

Okay basically, HJL/minho don’t know where they came from

so HJL asks ” minho what star/planet did you come from ?”

Minho says ” i dont know..” and then says something like ” all i remember is this ” and draws a hole.

And then HJL is like “OMG me too. And then they hug saying ” my BROTHER!!” kinda thing.

(Eng Sub via raiseplus)

Minho is such a dork *lol*

HJL’s wink is so ❤ *faint*

UEE solo CF is like random *lol*

21.08.09 Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) & UEE – Anycall Magic Hole CF

Translation :

Uee: Oppa, where are we going?
HJL: Come here!
Uee: Oppa, Why are you doing this? (Oppa, What’s wrong w/ U?)
HJL: It’s okay….My Anycall has auto-light.

HJL is like sooooooo handsomeeeeeeeeeee ❤

*lol* at ‘My Anycall has auto-light” and UEE’s expression ^^

  1. Bzbz says:

    OMG…! So cute, so funny! Great CF.
    HyunJoong is SO GORGEOUS!

  2. vionita says:

    i love you kim hyun joong

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