(Details) SS501 in ‘2009 Incheon Korean Wave Festival’ – MBC Hallyu Festival as stated in SS501 Schedule !

Posted: August 17, 2009 in Event
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+ss501 in mbc incheon hallyu fest

(Source is yonhapnews)

As I browsed for any updates about our SS501 boys, I found more details about the boys’ participation in the upcoming MBC Hallyu Festival or known as The 2009 Incheon Korean Wave (Hallyu) Festival (MBC is one of the Media Sponsor). 

Besides performing on Aug 22,2009, the SS501 boys will be holding a Fan Meeting around September- October 2009 as part of the Festival (date & time will be announced later).

The ‘2009 Incheon Korean Wave (Hallyu) Festival’ is held from Aug 7,2009-Oct 25,2009 and the goal is to get the Foreign Tourist Interest to Incheon City; and they’re using Korean Wave as their marketing tool.

On August 22,2009 (as SS501 schedule stated) SS501 will be performing together with other Hallyu Stars such as : Lee Junghyun, M, Rain, Chaeyeon, MC Mong, Super Junior, SNSD, KARA, and FT Island at the Incheon-Munhak Main Stadium – 7.00 pm onwards.

The main goal of this event is to attract the Foreign Tourist to come to Incheon, and same case for the Music Wave Concert,  the Standing Seat is for the domestic fan, while the Ground Seat is special for Foreigner. Fyi, the Music Wave Concert Tickets are given for FREE !!

  • I wish I can come and see the Music Wave Concert !!


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