(Video) SS501 KAC Theme Song + HJL in T-max Kimjoon MV “Jun Be OK!”

Posted: July 15, 2009 in dsp media, Music, mv
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kac mv1kac mv1HJLkac mv1YSkac mv1KJkac mv1JMkac mv1HJB

Credit  : marinastory if taken out

Ok, the boys are really unstoppable ^^ Yet, I do hope they get some proper rest >.< I will so gonna blame DSP if anything happens to SS501 due to fatigue of its friends !! Hehe 🙂

Anyway, as we all know, the boys of SS501 are chosen as the Goodwill Ambassador of Korea Airports Corp, and though the news and the awarding ceremony just held by yesterday (July 13,2009), the video of the KAC Theme Song by SS501 is already circulated in the internet. The boys as always sound great !!

jun be ok pic

As, for the T-Max Kimjoon which featured HJL, I was expecting more when I refer to the teaser, yet, when I saw the MV, HJL is only like few shots existence *lol*, and now I really dunno what the heck is he doin’ there u_u Despite the fact that he is so handsome ^^  I mean, I thought he was gonna do like what Kyu‘s did to Kim Donghee’s MV Haha.. Despite the weird concept of HJL existence in the MV, the song is sooooooooo Goodddddddddddd 🙂 And Kimjoon is so handsomeeeeee ^^ I ♥ it a lot ^^

I”m so gonna await for Kimjoon‘s Comeback in Music Show for this song ^^

Let’s Enjoy the 2 Videos with ENGLISH Sub  !

SS501 ~ KAC Theme Song

via iBreatheLifeMusic

T-Max Kimjoon ~ Jun be OK!

via hoonfami

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