(SS501)Taiwan-HK Trip (HK Vids Upped)

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taiwan SS1

Credit : NATE + marinastory for english translation if taken out

The first fan meeting of Korean group SS501 in Taiwan was successfully being held.

SS501 on June 28th,2009 were at TICC (TAIPEI INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTER) to meet their 3000 fans.

The boys were performing their hits such as :  Dejavu & Nae Moriga Nappaseo (Ost from Boys over Flowers drama) and they also shares funny stories with their fans in Taiwan and it is said that the fanmeeting went well.

This is SS501‘s first visit to Taiwan, they celebrate this great moment by meeting the fans and also taking pictures, while also collecting donations to help poor children or young people in a group of Chinese Welfare Association. It is said that the group collected 100.000 won to be contributed to the social welfare organization.

taiwan SS2

SS501 also signed themselves to Warner Music Taiwan on June 29th,2009 and the label was also hosting the group’s Press Conference.

taiwan SS2a

taiwan SS3

At the Press Conference reported that there’s 200 media attendance which is surprising since this is the first visit for the group. At the Press Conference , SS501 awarded the Golden Disc by the label since the group advance reservation for their ‘soon to be’ release first album in Taiwan has reach 7000 copies. Their album will be consist the songs such as : Dejavu, A song calling for you, You’re my heaven, and the member’s recent release solo songs. After the Press Conference the group continued their trip to meet their fans in Hong Kong and estimated 2000 Taiwan fans were sending off the group.

taiwan SS4

The group will be in Hongkong and held their fanmeeting on July 1st,2009 (3 pm onwards) in HITEC (Hongkong International Trade & exhibition Centre).

Report from their Hongkong Fanmeeting (as written per July 4th,2009)

SS HK pics

As their fanmeeting in Taiwan previously, the 1st ever Fanmeeting in Hongkong was also ended up blast and success.

SS HK pics2

The fanmeeting was attended by many medias’ attendance and attended by estimated 2000 fans from various region such as : Korea,Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong itself. The fanmeeting went well as the group held quizes and various shows as their fan service.

Kim Hyunjoong, “This is our first time visit yet I was surprised to see many fans came to welcome us at the airport. And through TV, we heard the same thing (as they have so many fans) was also surprised me,” he said.

This Hongkong fanmeeting has ended SS501 promo activity in China Region and they’re back to Korea afterwards.

Meanwhile, SS501 will start their 2009 Asia Concert in Seoul on 1-2 August,2009 at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

Watch videos related below !

SS501 Fanmeeting June 28,2009

Ss501-Nae Moriga Nappaseo

(via ying5387)

SS501-Nae Moriga Nappaseo (HJB Fancam)

(via find799)


(via Lemongrass0704)


(via 0myau0)

SS501 Taiwan TV News

CTV News June 29,2009

J2 News June 29,2009

TVBS June 30,2009

SS501 Airport FanCam

SS501 leave for HK

(Great FanCam via anatoliachy)

SS501 arrived in HK

(via ying5387)

Overwhelming respond 🙂

SS501 arrived @ hotel in HK

(Great FanCam via hkucc)

SS501 HONGKONG FANMEETING 090701 ::: Because I’m Stupid + Fighter [Fancam]

(via 501bjoo)

SS501 HONGKONG FANMEETING 090701 ::: Deja Vu + UR Man + Again [Fancam]

(via 501bjoo)

SS501 HONGKONG FANMEETING 090701 ::: A Song Calling For U (Encore) [Fancam]

(via 501bjoo)

SS501 HONGKONG FANMEETING 090701 ::: Digest [Fancam]

(via 501bjoo)

SS501 @ HK Airport – leave for Korea

(via Qoofishy)

SS501 @ HK Airport – leave for Korea (Closer & HD)

(via friendiibi)

I’m so happy that the boys still keep their smile on their face despite the hilarious fans reactions towards the boys when they leave for HK and when they arrive at HK 🙂

Glad they’ve passed the fans crowd in a complete body parts *lol*

Guess Manager-nim learned from Taiwan’s experience as he gets the boys a better bodyguard in HK ^^

Love the boys clothing during these 2 Fanmeeting. <3ing the stylist so much ^^

Huge thx 2 501bjoo for her great fancam ^^


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