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Posted: June 30, 2009 in dsp media, Music
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From now on, I will also start to post official notification from DSP regarding to SS501.

For the first one will be related to their SS501 Solo Collection Album!

No taking out without proper crediting my blog (w/ direct link that is) !

Here U go ^^ And Happy Reading ^^

Date : June 25,2009

Time : 1:46 pm (KST)

Hello Everyone ! This is DSP Media.

SS501 Solo Collection Album release date has been confirmed !

Release Date : July 3rd,2009!

A little different on the release date might happen according to the region, yet, the album will be available in major offline store on July 3rd,2009.

So.. You can purchase the album !

ss501 solo coll cover


1. HYUN JOONG _ Please Be Nice To Me [3:51]
2. YOUNG SAENG _ Nameless Memory [4:22]
3. KYU JONG (feat. Taewan aka “C-LUV” & STAR TRAK) _ Wuss Up [3:01]
4. JUNG MIN _ If you cannot [4:28]
5. HYUNG JUN _ HEY G [3:35]
6. SS501_ Bigeobhaji anke eo[3:17] – Bonus Track

HYUN JOONG: Please Be Nice To Me

Lyrics by Hwang Seongje (BJJ music)
Composed by Hwang Seongje (BJJ music)
Arranged by Hwang Seongje (BJJ music)

A hit maker for various singers Composer Hwang Seong-je (BJJ MUSIC) gives his best and full effort in the song making and make the song resulted in such a perfect quality. Composer Hwang Seong-je (BJJ MUSIC) pay attention until the small thing, from Kim Hyeonjung’s vocals, the song’s directing, song arrangements, ’till instrument selection during the music making process were under his attention.

By doing solo, each SS501 member can show their own music color yet  image.

YOUNG SAENG: Nameless Memory

Lyrics by Heo Youngsaeng
Composed by Park Sehyeon (PISCES MUSIC INC.)

Member Heo Youngsang sweet musical lyrics meets the sad melancholy melody of composer Park Se-hyeon, has create such a sweet melancholy song that combines with the enchanted vocal of Heo Youngsaeng.

KYU JONG (feat taewan aka “C-LUV” & STAR TRAK): Wuss Up

Lyrics by Kim Taewan (taewan a.k.a “C-LUV”)
Composed by Kim Taewan (taewan a.k.a “C-LUV”)
Arranged by Kim Taewan (taewan aka “C-LUV”), STAR TRAK (PISCES MUSIC INC.)

Singer-Rain Produser Kim Taewan aka “C-Luv” meets the fresh sound of  “STAR TRAK” producing team. The song “Wuss Up” is the first collaboration between “Taewan” and “STAR TRAK” . The sound mix with a strong beat in its own style in the song has shown the new side of Kim Kyujong.The next collaboration between Taewan, STAR TRAK, and SS501 is awaiting for future projects.

JUNG MIN: If you cannot (Feat. Jiseon)

Lyrics by Park Jungmin
Composed by Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-su
Arranged by Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-su

Han Jae-ho and Kim Seung-su previous collaboration was about a sad farewell of men and women ballad song.

In the song we can hear the collaboration between member Park Jung Min’s charm with Jiseon’s voice have made the song to have such a nice harmony, the two collaboration is also creates a deep and impressive song’s emotion.

HYUNG JUN: HEY G (Feat. Mellow)

Lyrics by H & B
Composed by H & B
Arranged by NNN

‘HEY G’ is a song that will hooked you ! It’s  the current music trend. The song is featuring the vocal of Mellow, a female singer-songwriter from R&B & hiphop group B-zion who has making a name for herself as contributor for different hip-hop albums.

Please show your love.
Thank you.

(DSP Media)

  1. syl says:

    do ue know when can i buy it online? thank ue:)

  2. […] Ok, the full songs are out. More details on the Solo album vollection, u can read it here […]

  3. bei says:

    Is it avaliable in singapore store? where can I get it?

  4. marsy(: says:

    yea, where can i get it in singapore? i really want to buy their album:D is it available at Sembawang?

  5. Lizzy says:

    bei & Marsy> I also tried looking for it this week but no stock.. (dunno if it had actually come in to Singapore yet…)

  6. hasti says:

    i want to have a direct contact with ss501 guys for ask an important favor, what shall i do?

    • Imuyachan says:

      i don’t think that’s possible dear..they’re like superstar..so how ? just keep supporting them. buy their cds, go to their concert, etc..they will know u love ’em..

  7. yingly says:

    I love you

    good luck

    For you

  8. Clara says:

    Hi, I am a fans of SS501, I living in Hong Kong, I want to know that do you have any concert will be open in the end of Feb 2010 ? Is it a true information, I also want to know that when we can order the ticket & how to order it from overseas, can I paid in credit card in the internet? I hope I can get the answer ASAP. Thank you for your helpful!

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi clara…..ss501 just held their concert in HK right? did u miss that one? they have not released any schedule for HK in near time…their closest concert will be in Thailand..that’s on Feb 13 ^^ thx 4 coming ^^

  9. Clara says:

    Thank you for your quick reply, I certainly joined the concert in HK already, they have a spirited performance in the HK concert but it only have one field, I see in web-site said that they will have a augment two days in Korean capital city, so I want to know the details about this. (because in Thailand concert date : 13 Feb 10, it is near our Chinese New Year, so I can’t to join the party together with them) Thanks a lot.


  10. noora says:

    hi I am a fans of SS501, I living in qatar

    i hope to visit qatar is Beautiful country

    i love ss501 very much

    i hope to see them

    please i need email or wibesait for ss501

  11. hana marifa says:

    i like youre boy band because you is handsome and cool abis

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