(FanCam) SS501 ‘disrupted’ Taoyuan Airport

Posted: June 30, 2009 in dsp media, Event, fancam
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SS501 beach boys

SS501 boys are doin’ their promo in Taiwan as they will held a Fanmeeting with Taiwan’s Triple S.

Enjoy fancam from their departure from Incheon Airport & arrival in Taiwan’s Taoyuan Airport on June 27,2009.

It seems our boys were in such a good mood, in the arrival video , u can see hilarious fans actions, yet, SS501 boys kept smiling all the way. This is so true since Leader was the most moody person (i love him for that-since we can always see the trueside of him), if leader smiles means he is in a good mood and when he’s not means he isn’t in a good mood, and in the arrival vid, leader was smiling all the time despite the fans were acting in such a high level of fangirling *lol*

Enjoy !

In Incheon Airport

(taken by ss501couple yet it’s via marvie0701)

In Taoyuan Airport

(via ilovejinmei)

Leader is so handsome ♥ Love his brown boots, vest n bag ..

No no.. I ♥ everything about him ^^

In Taoyuan Airport

(via audreeeylee)

Leader is so up-close ^^

He was in a very good mood !

OMG, seeing the fans act towards the boys n he kept smiling ^^

*lol* how HJB kept holding HJL‘s arms while walking ^^

Lil’ boy used his hyung’s arms as his shield *lol*

  1. dare says:

    u guy r a good look guy and handson

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