(SS501) Solo Collection Album to be release on July 3rd,2009 + Album Jacket Photos

Posted: June 24, 2009 in album, dsp media, photo spread
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solo col 1

Credit : marinastory if taken out

The boys have been spreading the SS501 ‘virus’ into various sphere from acting, musical stage, etc. and now they’re ready to greet their fans in the music scene by releasing their new album “SS501 Solo Collection”  for their fans which will be officially launched on July 3rd, 2009. The group has been releasing their Teaser MV since June 18, 2009  in order to fillin’ Triple S curiousity 🙂 And the 3 singles from Heo Youngsaeng (Nameless Memories), Kim Kyujong (Wuss Up) and Kim Hyunjoong (Please Be Nice To Me) were already released via online and currently hit the top ranking of various online music chart. As for Park Jungmin & Kim Hyungjoon singles + a bonus track will be officially released on June 30,2009 via online.

DSP Entertainment,”  The pictorial album jacket for the “SS501 Solo Collection” album were taken during the group trip to Las Vegas-USA”.

SS501 is also showing their acting skills in their new 20 minutes Drama MV as part of  their Solo Collection album promotional campaign. Leader Kim Hyunjoong played the assasin role, Kim Kyujong is also playing as a killer who wants to kill Park Jungmin for personal reason and Park Jungmin is these 2 target. The Drama MV is directed by famous Director Hong Wongi.

DSP Entertainment,” The First Episode of the Drama MV was released on June 22nd, 2009 at 5 pm Korean Time via GOM TV. And the Final Episode of the Drama MV will be release on July 2009 (before it was June 29th,2009) also via GOM TV“.

SS501 will start their “2009 Asia Tour” in Seoul City by performing a 2 days concert for Triple S in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium.

SS501 Solo Collection Photo Spread (via DSP Entertainment)

solo col 2 Kyu JM HJB

solo col 2 YS HJL

Bonus !

Download the High Quality First Eps. Drama MV here (it’s an 85.31 MB file) »Thx to tenerife10 for the link

  1. MoOoJi says:

    Tnx alot for First Eps. Drama MV….Really nice mv…Plz upload next eps of this mv when it goes on air with High Quality such as First Eps Quality ….Tnx again

  2. MoOoJi says:

    Sorry…One question:
    This First Eps. is full?Coz you write this drama is 20 minute but this First Eps. that i download from here is 5:36 minute so second part will be about 15 minute?
    Sorry for my poor English…

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi MoOoji 🙂 yes, it is said that the MV will be a 20 minutes MV, and yes the 1st eps released was only 5.36 minutes duration, I assume the Final Eps should be around 15 minutes too ^^ let’s just wait n see then 😉 any changes will updated u guys in this blog 😉 thx 4 coming n hope u enjoy this blog 😉

  3. MoOoJi says:

    tnx for your reply…your blog is really good and I happy that I find this blog…Imuyachan why I can’t see your videos that you I upload on this blog?
    Tnx again Imuyachan for your nice works 🙂

    • Imuyachan says:

      sorry for the late reply.. can u tell me whether the link still hasn’t been working for U up until now ? please share me the broken link details / info / etc. everytime u click the link that i’ve provide.. like what it says n stuff.. thx b4 🙂

  4. SS501 fan says:

    hi can i ask a question? will they be releasing another version of this album with the MV in it? 😀

    • Imuyachan says:

      up until now.. DSP entertainment has not yet announce the possibility of releasing the album + MV..that’s why am sharing u the download link to the MV.. i usually NEVER shared any links since i want all of us (the fans of SS501) to purchase the original album n support the boys even in album sales ^^v thx 4 coming 🙂

  5. SMJ says:

    Hi! Is this in .avi format?
    Gonna download this. Thanks.

  6. uthe says:

    hello…thx for the final MV…
    actually i’m a little dont understand with the story of MV =D hahahaha…still confused until now =P lol..

    but anyway thx yooo…

    i’m from Indonesia…hopely they scedule tour indonesia one of the scedule ^__^ hehehhe

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi there.. the story is : HJL as an assasin assigned to Kill JM, as for KJ he was trying to Kill JM for his revenge since JM’s dad killed KJ’s dad. The girl is JM’s girlfriend who involved to the conflict since she dated JM. HJL took her away, n he slowly fell for her, n the girl is more less start to fell for HJL too (just a bit ^^). in the end, JM’s dad died on KJ’s hand when the 3 met in the parking lot. so i guess, the real bad guy died for his sin in the end.. hope that helps.. as for concert, up until now, the closest country to Indonesia is Spore & Malaysia which the group already confirm, yet , more details have not been release. keep coming for more update ^^

  7. Karin AmeLda says:

    I…….. love them so much
    but Kim Hyungjoon is the best

  8. olsen says:

    hi! was looking for the solo collection ep 1 and i found your blog, thx for the link!

    nice blog, and i love your gif of leader up there haha!

  9. clare says:

    love u kim hyun joong !!!!!!!!!! u r the best. thx ss501 leader khj:D
    😀 🙂

  10. blue_bebex says:

    I’m sorry.. I still confused with the MV story..

    Who is assign HJL to kill JM?.. (JM’s dad, right?.. -> because at the beginning, JM’s dad show JM as his target -> in the laptop). JM’s dad want to kill his son?? Why?.. I’m so confused…
    I’m sorry if my english is so bad… >.< Thanx before.. 😀

  11. MichikO says:

    what is solo collection actually?
    is it a drama or a music video?
    i dont get it.
    i have watch it for almost 30 minutes

  12. sSS501LOVA says:

    Does anyone know who she ends up with at the end? It kills me that we don’t know … I want her to end up with KHJ

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