model event

Credit : marinastory if taken out

On June 19,2009 the 2nd Asia Pacific Supermodel Competition was held @  Pohang Stadium Daedodong Nam Gu,  Gyeongsangbuk-do (a province in eastern South Korea).

Of course such a big event won’t be complete without Hallyu Stars’ stages rite. And the Hallyu Stars line  up who fillin’ the stage with their charms are as follow : uri Flower Boys Group SS501, Our Super Group Super Junior and Korea’s New Generation Sexy Queen Son Dambi.

Winner for the 2nd Asia Pacific Supermodel Competition are :

  1. – 1st place goes to Nishikawa Aya (Japan)
  2. – 2nd place goes to Kim Rana (Korea)
  3. – 3rd place goes to Ratanapon Bunin (Thailand)

Our boys are looking hella handsome with their beige suits ! And YES ! They were more than ready to mingle with the pretty supermodel ♥

Yet, why SS501 flower boys looked prettier than the Supermodels ? *lol*

Photo spread credit as attached !

model event HJL with model

HJL with the Supermodel !

model event YS with model

YS with Supermodel

model event kyu with model

Kyu with Supermodel

model event Jm with model

JM with Supermodel

model event maknae with model

HJB with Supermodel

model event2

model event3

model event5

model event6

model event7

model event8

model event9

model event13

model event14

model event15

model event16

model event17

model event19

model event20

Bonus for all of U ^^

2nd asia pacific supermodel competition

model  line up

model event SuJu

model event SDB

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HJB  Dejavu Fancam

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SS501-Dejavu + Walking

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  1. Youngsaeng!!! hehe he’s so cute. =X

  2. Bbwakiya says:

    WOW! How nice. Flower boys and super models!
    I wish I was there at the show.
    HJ looks very pretty, still a bit skinny and pale though

  3. Babelhead says:

    They look really nice in those khaki suits. So classy.

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