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happy bday cake

Last year’s bday event !

Today, June 8,2009 it’s exactly 4 years

from their debut stage on June 8,2005.

Four years already ^^ Though, I was starting to be Triple S since 2008,

there’s no doubt that I love these boys as much as ‘since debut’ Triple S ^^


Happy Birthday to SS501 !!

May Happiness be with u all the way !! May God bless SS501 always !!

All the success in any projects that u guys will do ^^

Triple S will ALWAYS support SS501

Thank you for giving us great music ^^

Imuyachan ♥ SS501

Triple S ♥ SS501

Yongwonhi .. Triple S ♥ SS501

SS501♥♥♥ Saengil Chukahaeyo ♥♥♥

For a rendezvous , here’s SS501 debut stage ♥

SS501 – Everything

  1. Ijo says:

    What about this year is there any sp celebration. As u know Hjl is collapse on the morning of his group anniv. So ironic isn’t?

  2. tri says:

    happy brytday sorry loading

  3. charlene choi says:

    we love u ss501…congratulations

  4. Flower zue says:

    Try Hard ^_^

    I hope you will be successful in your world ….

    All of you’re handsome & cute

    Good luck .

  5. Zin Lay says:

    “Take u high” and “Fighter” is a good felling for me.
    Thanks you.

  6. jint says:

    really love your musics
    waiting for concert in bangkok
    you can make it….
    hyunjoong *-*

    • poohgirl says:

      when will they held ther asia tour concert in Bangkok? I wanna look althoung i m not from Thailand…..I wanna know the date and how can i buy the ticket? Did anybody tell me? I like heo-young-saeng most!

  7. majoy_cutie says:

    hayy…ur super cute ever

  8. crystal says:

    i miss you so much .you are cute.how are you

  9. smile says:

    I love SS501.Do u like me

  10. christine says:

    i love them so much!
    i mean,
    although sometimes they make mistakes..who cares?!
    theyre all handsome..
    good singers..
    good dancers..
    nice guys..
    rich guys…

  11. Jaja says:

    I first heared their songs in BOF since then Im became a fan . They are great singers and dancers especially kim hyun joong . I really luv his voice and the way he portrayed his character as ji hoo . He is so handsome and his group members too ! I wish all the best on ur carier may the god bless u all . Always love ur fans that’s all .. Waiting for ur concert here in philippines .

  12. soraya says:

    i like very much ss501…. 🙂

  13. I love Ji hoo. can u please send me more songs of ss501. i am from Philippines. I want to heard some of it..may your band stay long forever. i am one of the fans.. I love you all specially to JIHOO.

  14. CAN U PLEASE GET MY EMAIL ADD? nilbe_skyliner@yahoo.com.ph i want to know about you Korean people or people from other places..i wanted to go your place.

  15. Cahya says:

    Happy 4th anniversary to SS501, I hope u get your wishes. When SS501 concert to indonesian? You have many fans here, n I one of them… First time I hear your song in BBF, I love you all…

  16. flora4evere says:

    you’re right they are the best of the best i love kim hyun joong in boys before flowers it’s fantastique i’m from morocco and i’wont have some friends from others contries so welcome to anywone to have a chat with mee i love kim hyun joong i’m ones of his fans .so bye bye

  17. chin chun says:

    i love your song! so sweet.

  18. Allyson says:

    hi,i want to ask,why if coming up at grand stand.kim hyun joong seldom appear?does he only play castanets?or only as leader?

  19. bertha says:

    hello, i’m one of SS501 fans from indonesia
    when will you guys come to indonesia?
    you have a lot of fans here and we’re all waiting for your coming
    for Hyun Joong (leader) I LOVE YOU MOST!!!
    i love your dance and i also love the way you lead and take care of other members. YOU’RE THE BEST!!
    please take a good care of your health
    wish u all the best always

  20. Videra says:

    Buat SS501.smoga tamba sukses dan jaya AJA YA.BUAT KIM hYUNG jOONG,TAMBA BEKEN DAN KEREN ABIZZ.SOALNYA Kim Hyung joong,wjahnya ganteng banget!buat SS501 tamba jaya.smoga album baru-nya laku keras dan ekting nya di bfilm tamba keren..ca yoo

  21. sakura hoy joon mamade says:

    i like to kim hyung joon because it’s very handsome
    n i hope you get your whises

  22. mona says:

    i am iranian but i dont no very english sorry
    wow i am very very love ss501 but i am very very verrrrrrrrrrrry
    love kim
    he is very good
    in the persian say it خیلی تیکه و جذابه عاشقشم مامانننن
    می خام ببینمش اما نمی تونم مامااااااااان
    اگه می شد ببینمشششششششششششششششششششششششششششششش

  23. enie says:

    Kim Hyun Joong, I Love You So much………………………………………

  24. angel says:

    hyun joon i love you

  25. ani says:

    ss501 is the best…………………
    i love to kim hyun joong
    km hbt dan mantap
    kpn2 tampil di indonesia donk…………………

  26. انا احب الفرقه كثير وبالصراحه اسمعها كل يوم
    وعندنا بالرياض ومدن السعوديه شعبيه خاصيه نجوم لكوريا
    i love you so mouch Kim Hyun Joong i love you

  27. my korel says:

    oh,god!great music I love them very successful in

  28. maynoble says:

    hi ss501
    i love all of u and i think heo young saeng is very innoscent
    kim hyung joon is so cute
    kim kyu jong’s lips are so beautiful

  29. appo says:

    anyeonghaeso …kim hyun joong sunbae…
    i’m fans you from indonesia…when you come to indonesia…???
    i hope you come to indonesia please…

  30. kei24 says:

    …love your new song…LOVE LIKE THIS..!!loving it very much!!

  31. jamie says:

    i really love your songs.. one of my favorite is Heo Young Saeng’s Nameless Memory.. :).. Keep up the good work Deo Beul E Seu Gong II !! :)).. Saranghaeyo Yeongwonhi..! ! Saengil Chukka Hamnida Saengie..! 🙂

  32. Praew says:

    i teared up after reading this post…
    what is wrong with me?
    just love HJL too much…?

  33. rama says:

    llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV u ss501

  34. nang mohwan saing says:

    annyeongsaeyo …… I’m one of hyun joong’s (Leader) no.1 fans ….. i love u (hyun joong) very very very much more dan anithing …. u r xoo xoo xooooo kut3 in “love like this” not only in dat music video, every music video u r alwayz kut3 n handsome especially in boys over flowers …. take care oppa and fighting …. saranghaeyo ….. i’m waiting 4 u …

  35. hai i am Murni from Indonesia say hallo to KIM HYUN JOONG and SS501I LOVE U

  36. i love you kum hyun joong and ss501

  37. nan su hlaing thein says:

    Hi all members in ss501!

    I am nan su hlaing thein ,from myanmar.i wanna say Kim hyun joong plz more laugh and be the most excellent leader of ss501.Also,jung min plz don’t act like woman,ok?Young Saeng ur song is so nice, i enjoy to listen it but u must talk more words at interview and kyu joong plz live more active.Don’t angry whatever i say,ok?
    Bye !

    Ar , it is a good idea that ur songs are translate in english!

    second Bye!

    waiting ur reply!

  38. rizma says:

    Happy birtday kim hyun joong
    You was have a nice smile…………
    Succes for ss501
    See you……………………

  39. sri says:

    oh kim hyun joong,bale pole mo mai di indonesia (majene)
    oh kim hyun joong when do you come to indonesia
    your smile can make me die

  40. wenday says:

    i like ss501 your so cutei m maymoephyu i m looking forword to your reply

  41. desi says:

    helo kim hyun joong q desi di indonesia slm kenal ya q juga penggemar setia ss501 lho q juga punya sahabat yg juga suka juga ama ss501 kpn bisa tour ke indonesia

  42. ABC says:

    HELLO kim hyun joong I LOVE YOU.

  43. CJY says:

    SS501,YEAH!!! ^ ^ o_o—(????????????????)
    PS:Please give me a new song.> . <

  44. CJY says:

    Do U Best~~~~

  45. Qistina says:

    halluuu!!!hyun joong oppa im Qistina 4om malaysia. i wanna say well done in ur new song:love like this ireally love that song and keep it up,SS501!!!i know u can do the best of all!!!!
    hope 2 c you in malaysia.

    crazy fanzzzz 4om malaysia,qistina…
    buh bye…..

  46. Indira says:

    I lup TripleS
    Gnteng2 bgt gla…
    Kpn you2 pda k Indonesia…
    Gw tunggu yh

  47. detcha says:

    Hyun joong LOVE U VERY MUCH……
    BERJAYA……!!!! 🙂

  48. shishen says:

    hyun joong saranghae…….

  49. Dian Cut3 says:

    Wow I very like SS501. Every Body Is very so Nice & Cute………..
    I lovw SS501……….

  50. susnowhnin says:


  51. reynaliza says:

    Hi SS501.. don’t you know that my little brithers likes you , but ofcourse i’m your big fan not only my lil brothers .. well, i hope i’ll see you soon here in philippines .. many of your fans will officially come to your concert IF EVER you’re planning to come here .. thanks for reading my message ..

  52. raji says:

    it”s the 1st time i am vewing u’re web.i think u all r good.keep it up. in how many countries do u have had u’re show?don’t u come in developing countries like our’s?

    • Imuyachan says:

      hai darling…this isn’t the official website of SS501..so they won’t reply ur Q..this is a fanblog of SS501 owned by me “Imuyachan” ^^ thx 4 coming 😀

  53. jenny says:

    oh,everything about my ss501 that i love .

  54. ss5o1………………..
    GuAnTeNg cEmUa…………………….
    AkK PeNGgEmAr dooobbblleee ss

  55. do nguyen van anh says:

    hello! I live viet nam is. My name is van anh . Im 10 years old . I love SS501 . Good luck ! Bye

  56. nono says:

    أ غنيه بااااااااااااااااااااايخه بكل ماتحمله الكلمه من معني

    wow love this song

  57. Thel says:

    We are your audiences from Myanmar
    We love SS501 xoo much!!
    We like “Boys Over Flower”

  58. farzaneh says:

    hi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love u band ss501 very very acselent for me email send ok i love u imiss u very very ……………

  59. mylene says:

    they’re so cool

  60. myanmar says:

    i like very much young saeng.I love you

  61. yen yen says:

    hi, SS501.i love you all !!! you all are so cool!!!! but i have to ask you all did you know FACEBOOK?you all got play? if got,tell me i will add you. i from malaysia.


    pls reply.

    thank you

  62. Sakura1990_CherryBlossom says:

    Yeoposeoyo…Nice Page Of SS501…
    Hope u can add more information about ss501…Especially of their past b4 become artist…
    e-mail me….>>>CinderellaSnowHite_Honey86@hotmail.com

  63. . heo…., kim hyun jung and friends ??

  64. cHiaNeZz says:

    kim beom is very cute i love this

  65. elyssa says:

    i lub u so much..hehe

  66. Novita says:

    When will you come to indonesia?
    I wait u
    There are many people.who loves u so much? Kim hyun joong

  67. degi says:

    hi ss501 i like very much heo young seang,kim hyun joong, kim kyu jong, park jum min kim hyung jum and love like this,unlock thanky ss501

  68. huda says:

    hello ss501 haow are u??? u all the best my heart i love u all.. happy birthday i hope u all happy everyday and good together ok love u all……..

  69. huda says:

    i love all u song… i relly love u all..

  70. rose says:

    I like songs ss501. please come to Turkey =)

  71. shima says:

    i like kim hyun jong very very much please put the page new pictures of them thankeyou please translate this world”s korea;cheonhamujuk lee pyung kang I think that word is akorea film

  72. tervhhk says:


  73. Love You Hyun Joong…

  74. add my FB, oke..!
    Naega SS501 ui eomcheongnan paen-i, INDONESIA ttae…? Nan dangsin-eul gidaligoissseubnida…

  75. kirsten says:

    h! i love u ss501 specialy the leader

  76. kirsten says:

    hai! kim hyun jong i love you

  77. Mi Ha says:

    i dont know pretty much about them i actually heard their songs on boys before flowers soundtrack ….can someone tell how can i listen more of their songs a website or sth.. and just one thing i’m romanian so that’s why it is harder for me to find out more things in my country few people know about ss 501… till now i only know 2:)

  78. chimera says:

    waduh………………pokoknya ss501 is the best deh…………………..
    i am really-really love you especially 4 you kim hyoon joong…………my dream is to met you all,altough i can’t do it,but i’ll effort to met you,good luck 4 ss5o1,oce?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. yachi shikeiko says:

    my boys..
    I love so so so much ss501..
    I love with u all,,and with u song…
    you’r song so beautiful and nice…
    I wish be able to meet u,,if i go to foreign…
    i waiting u all to come here..
    wait me guys,,i’ll go to korea,,if i have study in japan…amin..

  80. cristina says:

    ss501 all of you are so cool……………

  81. mbhedur says:

    .,anyonghasaeyo…ss501..specialy hyun joong….i hope that you can visit here in the philippines…take care…..saranghaeyo…..@_@…..

  82. ashleycierva says:

    …anyonghasaeyo…i wish you can visit us here in the philippines…..i am your one biggest fan here in the philippines………saranghaeyo…..ss501………

  83. johind says:

    and wath if i tell you that you have fans in MOROCCO ……..i love thre songs spacialy ” because im stupid” from boys over flowers …… goood job….je vous aime beaucoup

  84. johind says:

    je suis trèès fane de vos chansons et j’en attends d’autres …………..courage i love u sooo mush

    moroccan girl

  85. marwa says:

    sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss5555555555555555555500000000000000000000000001111111111111111 lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  86. hanzy hibaya says:

    haiii wazzapp….before i start my mssg to all of you im hoping that all of are always in good health……hope your band SS501 will be still on and on…and all of we are always sopporting you…………….

  87. shalla noreen says:

    ss501 is one of the biggest group in korea i love their songs so much

  88. shalla noreen says:

    i wish u will visite our country philippines im your biggest fan

  89. ngla says:

    i love u kim hyung joon

  90. iya says:


  91. Bunga says:

    ..Hi,,, ss501 yoUr boy band vEry tHe bEst !!!!

  92. ulfah says:

    3 6 u v J v s

    ss501 forever love you terutama ka kim hyun jong

  93. shalla noreen says:

    i love you so much kim hyun joong because you are so handsome,cute and super nice guy love you always wish you luck…!!!!good bye ji hoo welcome kim hyun joong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………….

  94. krisyel says:

    your so cute kim hyun joong!1

  95. regilyn says:

    you all wihs consiortur in manmla gist in asap xv

  96. kanzha says:

    kim hyun joong oppa, I really really like you.
    you’re very very handsome.
    SS501 really really my favorite boy band..
    the Best SS501 forever 🙂

  97. ainul izzatti says:

    i love SS501 so much!!!
    can u come 2 malaysia-my school???
    haha,just joking

  98. Tata says:

    kim hyun joong itu cakep banget tw
    kim hyun joong ke indonesia dong, tepatnya di smp 11 depok

  99. lee yun daa says:

    i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ua aaa umachhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  100. ss501 no.1 sa amin mga pinoy ilove you kim hyun joong sana maka panood ako ng concert nyo ngayong june19 mre power sa lahat ng gagawin nyong kanta

  101. naya says:

    kim hyun joong happy birthday and for ss501 I like you all moga2 sukses terus ya………….
    when your show in indonesia? I am wait your perfomance !!!!!!!!!!!

  102. naya says:

    I LOVE ………………………………………..umchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kim hyun jong,kim hyoong jun,heo young saeng,kim kyu joong,park jung min.Ilove you all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I never forget you…………………………

  103. afsaneh says:

    i love your musik and your group very much.

  104. kimchilha says:

    i like ss501
    kim hyun joong,i love you fuuuuuuuulzzzzzzzz

  105. anisa & mita says:

    saen-il chukae SS501…
    i hope you continue to shine the world of entertainmet is always,forever and together.
    i hope you can come back and entertain us agai in the world music..and your can relese the new songs that cant calm the heart of the SS501 fans song that touch the heart..

    naneoul saranghai SS501..figthink..

    by :anisa & mita triple S indonesia

    at 18 decenber 2011

  106. mita says:

    annyeong SS501..i’m mita..

    i hope you can come back and entertain us again in the world of korean music or world music..and canrelese the new songs …

    naneol saranghae..

  107. mita says:

    saeng il chukae…

    SS501 figthink…

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