How to buy ‘Hallyu Goods’

Posted: June 2, 2009 in Korean Entertainment
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G market

I think I need to share this with u guys just in case you’re having a hard time to purchase the Hallyu goods (Cds, DVDs, etc.).

I usually buy it via my friend who live in Korea. Yet, I also use some of the online shops out there to buy those goods. Yet, this online store sometimes limits their area coverage.

The reason why I choose these 2 is simply bcoz they provide English version and they also cover a wide range area 😉

These are the top 2 in my list :



If u can suggest new sites.. please kindly put ur comments 😉 I know there’s this 1 online shop which based in Hongkong yet I forgot the name of the website ^^ Will adding it when I remember 😉

  1. ying says:

    I suggest 2 websites

    The price in hanbooks can be a bit higher than yesasia. However I suggest you only buy from them when you can’t get what you want in yesasia 🙂
    I would say seoulselection has very good customer services.

  2. jess says:

    plzzz add when you remember, thanks for sharing the 2 webs

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