(SS501) Leader in Gyu Hyeseon Manager’s Wedding Ceremony

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Celeb Updates, dsp media, photo spread
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HJL in wed1

credit : marinastory if taken out

The photos posted in the internet just now (May 25,2009). Hyunjoong Leader attending the Wedding Ceremony of Gu Hyeseon‘s manager on May 24,2009. ^^ This time he used a grey-ish concept paired with black pants. He looks gorgeous indeed ♥♥♥

The netizen posted the photo with the title : ” Kim Hyunjoong attends Gu Hyeseon’s Manager Wedding Ceremony.. Shines more than the bride”.

Indeed the title gained “curse” replies from other netizen *lol* The netizen shudn’t wrote that, in terms of respecting the wedding bride n groom 😉

Spotted Gu Hyeseon‘s in the photo session ^^ I think she loves wearing that kind of hat lately ^^ Loving her white concept too 😉 And Big Bang Seungri was there too ^^

Enjoy the photos which taken via NATE

HJL in the wed


  1. aznsupergirl916 says:

    bride and Groom so lucky that Kim Hyun Joong was there! Lol!

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