(Watch) SS501 Kyujong in Kim Donghee’s MV

Posted: May 23, 2009 in mv, radio show, review
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As I previously posted, uri SS501 Centre Kyujong-ee is featured in Kim Donghee‘s MV titled : Yeoja neun Kurae ( Yes, U r a woman)

He looks great ^^. The MV started when Kyu gave back the ring to his gf. Then the girl slapped him u_u , then the story move back to their ‘still ok’ relationship. Loving Kyu‘s in the flannel top ^^ Then, what’s catching my attention is the part when Kyu‘s running (in the last scene). He didn’t seem in such a hurry  *lol* . And the director didn’t visualized the time gap between Kyu‘s running and the girl drowning session (Director shud have showed us the girl ‘self drowning’ process), coz I didn’t feel the time gap, so when I watch it, it feels like ” Kyu’s running-and all of the sudden he’s getting this girl come out of the beach” feels like.. something missin’ for me ..

But, Kyu‘s looking hella handsome ^^

  1. A says:

    kyu’s really cute in the MV 🙂 very kawaii

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