(SS501) Leader & Dambi are smockey ‘sibling’ + Anycall Haptic Mission Season 2 CF teaser

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Advertisement, Celeb Updates, photo spread
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An update comes from Anycall Haptic Mission. Our leader is now pairing with his noona Son Dambi performing a smockey look concept for Haptic Mission Season 2. Both are lookin like a superb HAWT brother n sister 😉

Son Dambi looks great and sexy as she always do, while uri leader lookin’  even hawter than he usually does 😉 But, I still spot leader’s tired eyes 😦 The complete CF will be released on May 27th,2009 ^^

Photos via NATE









Spot the we already know will join is none other than the 미남 Lee Minho 😉

Watch the video here

As for the teaser for Season 2 CF credits to littlebean

Watch out ! Lee Minho is coming 😉

Love when  Leader said : *Aigoo* -lol- & Joon said : *Moyah* aka What the.. 😉 . For u who dunno, in season 1 Minho was LG endorser that’s why he cudn’t join, yet, now, Kimbum is LG endorser, so that’s explain his absences in Season 2.. These 2 (Minho & Kimbum) is like exchanging their ‘money source’ ^^ Wuhu, I just love to see those 2 brands compete each other.. as for me, if I am in their MarCom team, I definitely won’t use my competitor ex endorser no matter how famous they r now.. this cud cause confusion and it’s not good for the brand 😉 sorry, am a MarCom person so yeah 😉 this thing gets me so much ^^ haha..

  1. They do look hot!
    hyun joong looks so different!

  2. moobee17 says:

    thanks for sharing…hyunjoong is hot!!

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