Se7en’s ‘already’ 7 years love story photos !

Posted: May 14, 2009 in Celeb Updates, photo spread
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When I first see his leak private photo w/ Hanbyul and read the translation @ K Bites, I was so speechless. Yet, I understand the reason why se7en hide this, I am sure for the so called career. Yet, u might get confuse to the title “already 7 years love story “? Well, since the leak photo was taken on 2008, n it’s already 2009, so it means his relationship w/ Hanbyul is already 7 years now.

Regarding this, k-netizen once again shocked me w/ their investigation ability. They gathered all se7en’s old photos which connected to Hanbyul.

K-netizen comments :

– Why is my man..?

– I really envy your last picture !

– Both are so pretty !

– Oh oh.. sh*t sh*t.. I’m so envy..

– etc.

They do really have a free time to investigate. As for us, let’s just enjoy their investigation !

Picture credits NATE


  1. Sabrina says:

    I don’t think Se7en and Byul are a good chemistry . .???

    I prefer Se7en and Heo Yi Jae . . .

  2. azhani says:

    omg! korean fans are so sharp! salute them?
    how the hell did they manage to realized those commons and relate those to their scandal? man! korean fans are awesome!

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