Credits : NATE + marinastory for english translation if taken out

What is it actually the factor to celebrity’s popularity ?

The recent celebrity popularity survey has come up with a surprising result! It stated that the No.1 ranking position is still belongs to Jang Donggun & Kim Tae-hee. It is shocking, since the 2 are currently not active in CF, drama or even movies in South Korea.

A Marketing Research Firm recently held a survey regarding celebrity popularity, ranging from Actor & Actress, Singer until comedian. The survey held from March 1-31, 2009, to 1334 participants (man & woman) with age range from 13-65 years old in 5 cities.

Here’s the complete popularity survey result !

Actor Category :

1. Jang Donggun (17.9%)

2. Seo Jisub (17.8%)

3. Lee Minho (11.5%)

4. Jo Insung

5. Kimbum

Actress Category :

1. Kim Taehee (20.8%)

2. Song Hyekyo

3. Gu Hyesun

4. Kim Hyesoo

5. Moon Geunyoung

Male Singer/Group :

1. Big Bang (24.9%)

2. Bi (20.2%)


4. SS501

5. Super Junior

Female Singer / Group :

1. SNSD (31.6%)

2. Wonder Girls (19.6%)

3. Lee Hyori

4.Jang Yunjeong

5. Baek Jiyoung

Male Comedian

1. Yu Jaeseok (44.0%)

2. Kang Hodong

3. Lee Sugeun

4. Han MinGwan

5. Yu Seyoon

Female Comedian :

1. Shin Bongseon (41.3%)

2. Park Miseon

3. Park Jiseon

4. Kang Yumi

5. Ahn Youngmi

Seeing the result for Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Yu Jaesuk and Shin Bongseon are not surprising, since they are maintaining their popularity via many ways (music stage, CF, reality shows, etc.).

Singers are maintaining their popularity through albums, music shows, etc. Actors maintain their popularity via drama production / movies, yet, comedian does it via their tv shows.

Actor Lee Minho is the recent person who gained his popularity via his drama Boys over Flowers.

But, what surprising is to see the result from Actor & Actress category, in which Jang Dong gun and Kim Taehee had won. Both isn’t doing any heavy campaigns via dramas, movies nor CFs, yet, they still no.1 in each category.

Image positioning is also another factor to be considered if we want to talk about stars popularity factor. Both Jang Donggun & Kim Taehee are maintaining their image very well. Now, the public is already at the level of “If NOT Jang Donggun / Kim Taehee” then this Ad won’t succeed. Actually, Stars are helping to positioned a brand and vice versa. Image is very important. Stars who ruined their image (i.e. : drugs user, involved in a crime, etc.) will definitely get the public attention. And surely afterwards, the public critism will take them down from their top of popularity (Remember Joo Jihoon‘s case) . In this case, it is well proven that Jang Donggun and Kim Taehee‘s management done a very good job in maintaining their star’s image.

That’s a long translation *fiuh*. The survey result is done by the firm. So, don’t u dare bash my posts if ur favorite stars are not on the list. And I don’t play with the percentage, NATE only provides few people’s percentage (usualy no.1 & 2) , yet, they’re all ranking in order. Click the NATE link which I provide on top of this post if u don’t believe me.  Anyway, I agree to what the article said regarding Jang Donggun n Kim Taehee. Both management are doin’ a hella great job despite their current inactive in South Korea ^^

  1. loveonacarousel says:

    whao snsd won wondergirls by quite a large number!
    yay big bang!

    • Imuyachan says:

      yeah ^^ i never expect snsd will win over WG that much ^^ thou, i like both ^^ as for BigBang, they did a lot of promotion and a continous one recently ^^ thou i like all 5 winner ^^ esp.SS501 of course ^^

  2. rheababe says:

    oh, the no 1 actor/actress for me gu hye sun and lee minho…..! perfect together…real couple.. someday……………….lol.

  3. rheababe says:

    your fans here in state of kuwait arab country. your my the best idol in korean actor lee minho and gu hye sun never fade…everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  4. love_seunggi says:

    yayyyy! big bang!!
    i love them too.

    VIPz in MALAYSIA are GROWING rapidly!
    i think by next year, we can hope for BIG Bang Concert in malaysia!!!


  5. Hamade says:

    it’s nice to see SNSD being number 1 ❤

  6. i want lee min ho to opposite his ideal girl songhyekyo in the future

  7. sahee says:

    love so ji sub..

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