(SS501) Kim Hyunjoong design for ANYCALL

Posted: May 7, 2009 in Advertisement, English
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credits : nate + imuyachan @ wordpress for english translation

SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong, Son Dambi, Kimbum & Kimjoon have been the ‘new employee’ for Anycall.

The 4 of them have been presenting their design for the mobile phone case.

Kim Hyunjoong‘s concept is taken from UFO (as expected ‘4D’ ^^). It uses a glow in the dark material. Hyunjoong,” I got the idea from UFO, since I really want to see and ride an UFO one day (another 4D ^^), so I use it as the basic idea, that’s explains where the circles design came from”.

Son Dambi proposed a hologram & heart design. The design is targeted to couple mobile phone.


Kim Hyunjoong & Kimjoon visited theme park to seek design inspiration.They were guarded by 10 bodyguard, yet, still, the high school-er fans surrounding them and made them having a lack of time to seek the inspiration and need to leave earlier than scheduled.


As for Son Dambi and Kimbum, both  visited Insa-dong for the same reason.

Anycall judges praisely said,” As expected the 4 of them are giving creative design & ideas”.

As for the mobile phone case design, netizen gave a 4 stars and said the designs should be released to public.

After mobile phone case design challenge, the 4 of them will move on to the next mission which will be mobile phone sales related mission.

The Anycall Haptic Mission OST is also popular among music lover. The 2nd season will be release on mid of May 2009, which will featured Kim Hyunjoong‘s group SS501 as one of the singer.

Not bcoz am Hyunjoong fans, but i think i like his design more than Dambi’s

  1. june 19 says:

    yes i agree, nice verry creative and cool …..
    i love it

  2. june 19 says:

    kim hyun joong the person good imagination that’s why he 4DDDD. he the example of arts, he can draw
    ,sing, dance, play guitar, all arts……. thats why i like him…its soooo adorable person

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