(SS501) 2nd alb prep = going 2 USA

Posted: May 3, 2009 in Celeb Updates, dsp media, English, Music
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Full Credits : K Bites


Male group SS501 will be flying to America for the preparation of their upcoming 2nd album on 6th May.

They will be staying there for about 10 days to film their 2nd album jacket and also to record for their 2nd album. They will also be attending cultural events for South Koreans living in America during their visit there.

Kim Hyung Joon who recently met with some reporters said, “We will go to America on the 6th. We will film for our album jacket, we will also be meeting and having exchange with music producers in America.”

“But after hearing about the influenza A type, swine flu, going on in America, we are a little afraid about it. We will work hard to bring to fans new and better music to fans through what we have learnt there.”

Hope they take care of themselves due to the influenza pandemic.

Thx Eileen 4 the translation 😉

  1. Rhyn~bun says:

    wahhh thanks for e posting!! SS501 seem to have their packed schedule in May…

    Good luck for them! 🙂

  2. Bzbz says:

    Does anybody know the exact date and airport they are going to leave Korea for LA??? Please, please let me know!

  3. Louise says:

    Goodluck to SS501 specially Kim Hyun Joong.. thanks for updating… hoping there is more for SS501

  4. Leakhena says:

    hey!!!!!! i love SS501 “nas” !!!!

  5. hi!!! mm.. ss501 is really good!! i really really like kim hyun joong!! but i love visit here in phil.??? pleas.. because only ” U-KISS ” but i want we want SS%)! pleas. visit hereat “PARTY PILIPINAS” pleas.. you all..
    안녕! 음 .. SS501 정말 대단해! 난 정말 진짜 김 현의 Joong 좋아! 필로하지만 난 사랑을 방문하세요.??? 행복 .. 전용 “으로 U – 키스”하지만 난 우리가 SS 친위대 %를 원하는) 원하기 때문에! 행복. 파티 PILIPINAS “방문”행복 .. 자네들 모두 ..

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