(Update) T-Max Kimjoon in MBC Introducing Star’s Friend

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Celeb Updates, English
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MBC Introducing Star’s Friend which featured Kimjoon aired on April 11,2009.

Beforehand, Kimjoon traveling pic with his friend has been around the net and gain high netizen attention too 🙂

Though, in the traveling pic, Joon looks so young n pure ^^

news n pic source : newsen

Omo, He looks so handsome yet tired in the show ^^ I miss F4 in BOF 😦

The tv show is a very nice program coz u cud see the friend’s of ur fave celebrity ^^

Make sure U don’t miss the eps which featured Joon ^^

저 는 이것 의 TV 프로그램 좋아헤 🙂

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