(News) : SuJu Yeseong mistaken for North Korea’s President son!

Posted: April 12, 2009 in Celeb Updates, English
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Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for english translation if taken out

Super Junior Yeseong image mistakenly used as North Korea’s President son Kim Jeong-un (Kim Jeong-woon).

Switzerland tabloid released on April 7, 2009 in an article related to North Korea’s President Mr.Kim Jong-il, has used the image of Super Junior member Yeseong  as the image of the President’s son Kim Jeong-un.

It is assumed the same name between Super Junior member Yeseong and the President’s son is the one which lead the mistake.

This issue has arise netizen’s attention , especially SuJu fanclub E.L.F and not to mentioned various bulletin boards in the internet. The issue has rise controversy among E.L.F and they demand a correction.

Super Junior Agency SM.Entertainment via phone call explained that the real name of Yeseong is Kim Jeong-un , the same as the President’s son which lead the mistake. SM explains to the public in order to prevent any future news mistakes. Yeseong SuJu isn’t the North Korea’s President son, they only have the same name and year of birth (1984). SM is also demanding a correction for this mistake from the tabloid.

O.M.G ! What a stupid mistakes from a so called tabloid. Can’t u google or something ?? Try to google the name Kim Jeong-un, it will lead u to the President’s son a lot, and also SuJu Yeseong in the 2nd option if u looked through Wikipedia. Man, don’t u have any research team ? Fyi, the North Korea’s President son Kim Jeong-un is now study in Switzerland, in International School of Berne and it is said to be his father’s future successor. This is internationally aware due to the popularity of the 3rd son of North Korea’s President and also it’s Super Junior Yeseong for God sake !

That tabloid people shud sing ‘sorry sorry’ LIVE in front of Yeseong !!

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