(Watch) Superb stages of SuJu !

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Music
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To be honest this comeback album of SuJu is really dragged me up to this group 🙂

So far, my fave is Donghae, Eunhyuk, Yesung and Kyuhyun  🙂

Here are some of my fave stages 🙂

Apr 3, 2009 – KBS MuBank

Waiting Room + Sorry sorry

Apr 4,2009 – MBC MuCore

MC + Sorry sorry (it’s also Eunhyuk’s bday 🙂 )

I  love the dance performance from Duo ‘EunHae’ ^^

Apr 5, 2009

Sbs Inki Gayo Sorry sorry

I love Eunhyuk’s wardrobe 🙂

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