(update + watch) Lee Minho in MBC Section TV !

Posted: April 4, 2009 in Advertisement, Celeb Updates, English
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On MBC Section TV aired Apr 3,2009, actor Lee Minho shared his thought about the Boys over Flowers drama ending which featured a proposal scene.

In the last episode of Kkotboda Namja , Gu Junpyo meet Geum Jandi in the beach and asked her to marry him. He proposed the love of his life.

Lee Minho said, “the proposal is a great way to end the drama. Because of the couple’s struggle along the drama, a happy ending is a good closing scene. The Happy Ending showed via the proposal scene.”

Lee Minho is now busy with his carrer expansion schedule (overseas expansion), CF photoshootings, and he will also going through a knee surgery for his old knee  illness. He is actually need to do the surgery, yet the drama filming schedule didn’t allowed him to do so.

Watch the complete interview !

Lee Minho is so handsome ^^ lol at those noona’s paparazzi camera line up 🙂 Park Shinhye is so pretty ^^ I dunno that she’s younger than him 🙂 Yet, her acting in Goong S is really pissed me off 🙂 Means, she did it 🙂 All the best to uri Gu Junpyo aka Lee Minho who claimed as the current icon for Korean youth generation.

  1. rheababe says:

    they are not fit anymore……………..etc.

  2. mary says:

    hi…yes min hoo is very handsom…I agree with you…visit my web log pleas…and send E-mail for me…bye

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