(T-max) Kimjoon hospitalized after Music Bank stage !

Posted: April 4, 2009 in Celeb Updates, English, Music
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credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out


T-max Kimjoon was reported being taken to the hospital after T-max KBS Music bank stage.While his F4 fellow SS501 Kim Hyunjoong was also admitted to the hospital after fainting during his CF photoshooting.

Kimjoon fainted after T-max performed in KBS Music Bank Apr 3,2009.

He was sat and then eventually faint while sitting.

He is now @ hospital and under treatmet.

Here’s a photo spread from their stage.


Watch their live stage !

Credits as attached !

I can see from the live stage, Joon was already looking pale 😦 He didn’t do a good rap as ussual also 😦

People shud cheer all T-max n not only Joon 😦 Poor Minchul and Yoonhwa 😦

Anyway, get well soon Kimjoon-aa 😦

  1. kasumi says:

    whats happening to bof actors may b of the tight sechedule in bof they r not having rest ….b well soon….ohh he is a rapper so he used to say mostly yo yo man…wazz up?in bof i love his line..^__^

  2. CharR!esH says:

    I’m agree with u!!!!!!!!
    I’ts so cool when he say “Yo,yo,yo!!!!! What’s up man!!”
    And in his real life he like to say “yo,yo,yo” too…
    I look at the video whan he n nicole(i don’t know who is nicole) speak english..

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