(Hawt Update) Korean Boys over Flowers as per Apr 3,’09

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The Good & Bad of korean Boys over Flowers

The drama Boys over Flowers already ended. Yet, the euphoria is still there!

The drama ends with 25 episodes aired on March 31st, 2009. The drama is indeed has gained high interest among the viewers, not only Korea but also all over Asia. The drama satisfied the viewers by giving a Happy Ending for lead characters Gu Junpyo and Geum Jandi.

What’s best : the born of new young star : F4 & Gu Hyesun. Though not all of them are acting newbies , but indeed because of Boys over Flowers drama, all these young stars gained a higher and superb popularity and consider as the new icon for the young generation. Lee Minho with his great appearance as in acting n physic (great body, handsome,  tall, flawless skin, etc.). SS501 Kim Hyunjoong appearance who’s also known as ”A walking art statue’ is also giving another value to the drama. Kimbum, who’s also known for his great acting and good looks gives another credit. Kimjoon who’s a newbie yet, with great physics and good acting for a newbie is also giving an added value. As for Gu Hyesun, she is not a newbie, yet, she proved herself to be a great actress who’s not only great as in physic 🙂 Then, the drama has show a great succession despite the country’s economy recession. the drama is a making money drama through its advertisement value. They made money from Calendar, Music (Ost albums), & other commercials and created a ‘Kkotboda namja’ syndrome.

What’s bad : the casts accidents series & the suicide of one of the cast Jang Jayeon (RIP). Another critic is about the drama content who told to have influencing bad trend among the society, such as : school’s bullying, inappropriate actions (boy stays in girlfriends  house, kissing scenes, etc.).


Korean ‘Boys over Flowers’ in Fuji TV

Japan’s Fuji TV morning show reported about the Korean Boys over Flowers drama. It’s also gave a special interview with the lead actor Lee Minho.

Aired on April 1,the interview is about the succession of the drama in Korea. The report is in 7-8 minutes duration and gained the Japanese attention.

The report was telling all about Lee Minho. His physical appearances, his profile, even his falling incident during the awards are also reported.

Lee Minho is asking for the Japanese support for the drama airing in Japan. He is also saying his future plan to learn English, Chinese and Japanese.

The Kkotboda Namja will start to greet its viewers in Japan on July 2009 and it is expected to gained the same popularity as in Korea.



Kim Minji * Jang Yumi* to be Cotton USA Mark model

After gaining drama viewer’s attention for her role as the ‘annoying girl’ whom interfering Gu Junpyo and Geum Jandi’s relationship in BOF drama, actress Kim Minji (who’s only appearing in 2 eps)  is also getting herself an advantages of the drama syndrome.

She is now the exclusive model for woman’s high quality brand  Cotton USA Mark. She signed a 2 years exclusive contract.

  1. kasumi says:

    it’s really good advantage for korea coz ….in korea the economy is getting bad it seems that this drama is making the economy of korea better…thanks to this drama…i love this drama…

  2. Louise says:

    Well good for Korea…every country has a problem in economy..though they get a better idea of casting and doing such an F4 version which give them a good outcome… thanks to them.. they made their country proud… either way, even there is a bad publicity regarding the flow of the drama.. it always depend on how you dealt with it.. that is only a fantasy some of the stories are realistic and some are not.. that is how to make the story be interesting to all the viewers and viewers will do the action if they just love the drama just for viewing it without immitating other parts of the story… right guys???
    It’s great to watch a fantasy love story that others may have hope that someday there is a good looking rich guy that has a pure heart will be falling in love with the ordinary girl…
    Ohh… I just love the drama…

  3. kim ji-han says:

    i love u lee minho

  4. srijana says:

    big fan of koreans

  5. Glenda says:

    I think of all the versions of the drama (Boys over Flower) the Korean version is the best. I also hope that as the public view the series, they see the benefits of having trust in the young people and the values we have. Even though they could have F4 being more “liberal” they were not and in fact of all the dramas, this one is the one that shows more how confusing being a teen can be and all the dimensions and struggles that make us grow up. I love that in the Korean version all the main characters learn something about themselves and the actors were able to show all them gaining new perspectives in to their lives and how they wanted to be in the world. Great Drama! Keep it up Korea!

  6. donna says:


  7. jumi says:

    korean ‘BOF’ is the best. Including cute guy – kim bum, handsome guys – lee min ho and kim jun and adorable and loving kim hyun joong

  8. laras says:

    i love u BBF/BOF


  9. novie says:

    anyong! nice drama going on there huh! God bless you,..love you all

  10. snow says:

    happy & peace gave me. i like very much.

  11. ida says:

    aaaaa bagus bangeeet…….

  12. reni says:

    so sweet…

  13. ida says:

    I LOVE YOU Jun pyo


  14. hi too all of you! i am a supporter of BOFō (Boys Over Flowers) i wish that you went to philippines some day!


  15. Baitoey says:

    I love So Yi Jung.

  16. jade carolyn says:

    i love them all. they are all worth it. they are deserving. keep up the good work.godbless

  17. laya says:

    i love korean boys all of them they r sooo hot and sexy oh my god kancha meda by love you boys

  18. makpal says:

    uffffff so sweeeeeet boys. I very love this good film’jigitter sabazdari’-‘BOF’

  19. paayal says:

    hi f4 i am a big fan of your guys. when i see the movie boys over flower u f4 guys looks very handsome.

  20. Asem says:

    I die from their nature and beauties

  21. caroline says:

    i love you………..
    4 of you………..
    you people r so cute……..
    n miam big fan of koran actor n actress,……..

  22. caroline says:

    n also big fan of koran movies ,dramas,etc………
    i love korean…..

  23. yeshi says:

    hi, it’s me yeshi i am also one of the big fan of korean movies,dramas and songs……… and more than that. i love korean peoples and vip persons because they r very cute and beautiful so, i will always be loving korean peoples,movies,drama and more and more

  24. shorlamay says:

    hi i want ur email

  25. aneeta says:

    hey guyz oo ur best

    i think u all have to come Nepal
    u will rock the earth

  26. aneeta says:

    anyways belated happy birthday to u
    kim hung jung

    wish u best of luck

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