(Watch & Review) Korean Boys over Flowers Eps 24 & 25 (ENG)

Posted: April 2, 2009 in drama, English, recap
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The 2 Final eps !!

Eps 24

Junpyo n his noona found out that their Daddy is still alive ( I love both of their acting = 2 thumbs up). Yoon Jihoo traced Jandi in the fishing village through TV news coverage and tell Junpyo. Junpyo hesitated to go at first, yet he went and followed Jihoo n Jandi in the sea side. Jihoo confessed his feeling to Jandi and gave her the grandma ring, yet, Jandi refused since she couldn’t forget Junpyo and cudn’t erased him from her life. She gave back the ring, and crying while holding her necklace which Junpyo gave her &Jihoo hugged her, witnessed by Junpyo (this part, I can tell that Junpyo is more to feel sorry for her n himself , instead of giving a jealousy look. Maybe he felt like, he only brings tears for Jandi.)

The man, whom I suspect to have an important role, is turned out to be a former director which turned down by the Shinhwa group. So, when the villager bragged about Jihoo being the Shinhwa heir, he planned revenge. N he waited Jihoo near Jandi’s house, n he started his car and try to hit Jihoo. Junpyo who’s standing in front of Jandi’s house, saw it, n saved him. This will lead to Junpyo’s amnesia. Sadly,he only forgot Jandi , according to the doctor, this might happened because his memory with her is remain too important or the memory was too hard to handle by Junpyo(I’m thinking the separation n stuff). After that, the patient who’s playing cute and trying to get close to Junpyo named Jang Yumi (she’s cute yet she’s making me crazy with her overrated cute actions towards Junpyo T_T). The rest is about how Jandi trying to bring back her memory to Junpyo through several actions, which not working at all L

My highlight:

  1. When Junhee noona n Junpyo found out their still alive daddy. This is so sad.
  2. When Jandi confessed how she still in love with Junpyo in front of Jihoo
  3. When Jihoo sat inside the grandpa clinic and remembering Junpyo’s word b4 collapsed after the accident, stating that :”Unless Jihoo, then no one else can be with Jandi” – his words b4 the wedding thingy @ the pool side when Jihoo hit him.

Eps 25

The eps is more to how Junpyo will remember Jandi. N I shud say: That part is the best part of all. It’s actually all about how Junpyo will remember Jandi, and I love how they build the scenes J after he remembered her, the rest were went smoothly. N the only thing that I regret is : they shud at least let Jandi answer Junpyo’s proposal after the 4 years after gap . I mean, I know, that both will end up together, but I think they shud let Jandi say it in words.. Darn, if they made her to, it will be a perfect ending


  1. They didn’t showed how the Gu’s daddy recovered from stroke
  2. They shud showed how Gu’s mommy end up agreeing Jandi (even a ‘glare’ from her will be enough)
  3. When Junypo saved Jandi, he FORGOT to press the chest too
  4. Geum Jandi shud answered Junpyo’s proposal in words after he came back to Seoul

Anyway, overall the drama is very nice. Yet, the ending isn’t very satisfying, though it’s a good ending. Overall I give the drama a 9 out of 10. Thank you very much to spend ur time to my blog and read all the BoF related posts and also to watch the drama here. We shud bid the F4 and Gu hyesun a goodbye ^^ I hope the casts will have a successful future after BoF. After this, my biggest concern will be Kim Hyunjoong since this blog is a dedication for SS501 esp. for its leader Kim Hyunjoong. Yet, I add Gu Hyesun & f4 esp. Lee Minho in my fave list, so I will post their related news too^^

So this is it.. The END of Boys over Flowers drama.

As I stated in my Twitter updates. The usual youtube links are suspended, viikii has been requiring a membership in order to watch the drama, so, I give u another link !

Watch the drama here


  1. sarah_sofea says:

    haahh…finally…it’s a relieved when jun pyo n jan di r finally ending up together…soo happy…but, i also agree with you that the ending isn’t very satisfying enough…i thought that there will be a big n d sweetest wedding scene where goo jun pyo n geum jan di get married n whatsoever since they’ve endured a lot of problems along their relationship..yeah2 i also wud like to see d evil mommy regret a bit n accept jan di…huhu, regardless of whatever happened, i’m still happy wif d ending…tq imuyachan 4 ur hardwork of giving soul to this series n kept posting news about it…love ur blog…xoxo

  2. L H says:

    What happened after they were all together at the beach? I want to see the wedding of Jandi and Junpyo please make some more episodes! Thanks! And what happenned after they got married?

    • Imuyachan says:

      Haha.. it is the ending.Yet, they release 4 special eps 😉 it might answered ur Q ^^ I will post the episodes the soonest 😉 keep coming ^^ thx in advanced 😉

  3. Aileene says:

    What will happen to Jun Pyo and Jan Di, after the last episode where they are all standing at the beach. The ending left a lot of unfinished business and it was not very satisfying for me too. Did Jan Di ever give a hint of saying yes or no to Jun Pyo’s proposal. I saw the release of the 4 special episodes of each one of them five years later, but it was not much help. What I would have loved to see was the wedding of Jun Pyo and Jan Di, and the SoEul couple to be together and maybe even kiss! =)

    • Imuyachan says:

      that’s how the story ended dear.. the special eps are not helping much too..yet, if we refer to the comic (manga)… that means, Jandi will be with Junpyo ’till the end which lead us to an answer of Jandi will 99.9% answering yes to Junpyo’s proposal 🙂 thx 4 coming 🙂

      • Aileene says:

        But how do some people know for sure, whether or not the Boys over Flowers is really over with that 25th episode leaving some loose ends. I just heard about them recently from my cousin, and yes, it’s true I have become addicted to the series. So why do some people still tell me that it has been confirmed that there will be another season (an season 2) or episode following the last one, while others say that it truly is the last episode and not much to the rest of the story. Which really is the truth, it’s so confusing? The series just gave a lot to really think about, while watching the last episode. It made me extremely curious!!!

  4. Olivia D. BATUNGBACAL says:

    Please let me see the episode where GO JUN PYO and GEUM JAN DI were married…..The ending that was not whown in the movie/

  5. sushila says:

    i love it

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