(Watch & Review) Korean Boys over Flowers Eps.22 & 23 (ENG)

Posted: March 27, 2009 in drama, English, recap
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boysbeforeflowersHere u go :

Eps 22 : it’s all about the wed lay off (as i already told u), n JP JD’s sweet moments. I love how cool Jaekyoung is in this episode ^^ Love the dance scene, love how JP apologize for hurting JD n love he finally confessed his love to Jandi, last time only thru text message rite (b4 he left for Macau).

Eps 23 : Still more of JP JD’s sweet moments. Jihoo’s ‘better’ relationship with his granddad 🙂 Yijoung clearer past issues and better relationship with Gaeul 🙂 yet, this part is when the ‘Evil Mommy of Junpyo’ showed off her power. As she promised Junpyo not touch Jandi, yet, she touched Jandi’s close friends, Gaeul & Jihoo. She made Gaeul’s dad out from his company and Jihoo’s family business (the precious art foundation) being thru hardship. At first Jandi didn’t realize that it’s all Junpyo’s mommy plan, yet, she overheard Yijoung n Woobin conversation regarding the issue. So, she made (once again) her own decision to leave Junpyo, so Junpyo mommy can stay away from gaeul n Jihoo. Then she went on a farewell date with Junpyo, n she even confessed her love to Junpyo (this is such a sweet moments : i love how Junpyo showed his care to Jandi and Jandi to Junpyo as well)

Yet, when they’re otw back to town, jandi asked him to pull over. She dragged her suitcases out n bid JP farewell, and as we can guess, JP isn’t that easy to be left out. ‘Im so sad when hearing JP said this : ” but u told me u like me?”, n JD answered him,: ” I guess my love is only ’till this level!”. OMG, that’s so sad.. to see JP ran after her bus, scream on the ground,etc.. makes my heart aches 😦 Jandi is also cried in the bus. Poor both of them. i hate Junpyo’s mommy :(JP after JD left, partying with girls and even got arrested by the police, when he broke someone’s doll game machine ( u know , the doll game machine, when JP n JD had their double date?).

From 3 version, they all performed this scene. though, i think, the softest farewell is this Korean version. I mean, though Jandi left him n say bad things , she never mention that she doesn’t love him anymore n i think, JP shud realize that she’s still in love with him n was forced to do this..

It’s only left with 1 episode, i just hope that there’s no amnesia scene. bcoz, to be honest, if there’s an amnesia scene too, i don’t think 1 eps is enough to end the drama (shud be more eps) yet, if they will end this in 1 eps, i think it’s too fast, unless they can ‘impressed’ me with their skills ^^ I mean, im pretty anxious to see how the Korean version will end. Since this version come up with different point of view, such as : a longer issue regarding the fiancee & the farewell of JP JD in the last 2 eps, makes me wondering how they will end this drama 🙂

Anyway, hope u enjoyed the drama as much as I do 🙂

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  1. Pi-chan says:

    thank you so much. I found eps 23 in mysoju but I need an account in viikii to watch it. I was disappointed.. But when I found ur page, I were happy. you are my angel :). Thank you so much

  2. Imuyachan says:

    @ Pi-chan : ure welcome 🙂 i just know that viikii is requiring a membership in order to watch their subs now 🙂 keep coming for more SS501, DSP artist, Kpop n Drama BOF 🙂 Follow me in twitter to prevent miss-updates 🙂

  3. lisa says:

    OMG i love love love love this drama. i made an account for Viikii but its really bad quality now..oh well 🙂 at least i have this site. THANKS! oh and does anyone know if Ep25 wil be the last episode?! HOPE NOT

  4. Imuyachan says:

    @ lisa : thx 4 coming :)eps 25 will be the last episode 🙂 since on march 31st, there will be a ‘goodbye jihu concert’ , held for Hyunjoong fans 🙂 So, Hyunjoong n his fans will be watching the last episode together 🙂

  5. lisa says:

    no problem:)and OMG NO! 😦 and can u put up the last episodes ??

  6. Imuyachan says:

    @ lisa : 2 last eps are up ^^ Happy watching 🙂

  7. mero says:

    why are the video no open

  8. els says:


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