Teaser for Korean Boys over Flowers Eps.24

Posted: March 27, 2009 in drama, English, Korean Entertainment, recap
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Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

Korean Boys over Flowers which had finish airing ’till 23 eps in KBS2 Tv, starts worrying its viewers, especially when eps 23 seemed to disappointing many viewers, who thinks that Junpyo-Jandi will be together and will only need to convince the so called Evil Mommy with no separation again.

Eps 23 (March 24), didn’t show any amnesia scenes. And, after a sweet trip, the two JP n JD had to separate again. This eps has successfully disapoint many people, since many people wondering how the drama will end with ‘many unfinished conflict’ in it.

The drama itself has received many critics regarding the content.Not too mentioned the warning from broadcasting Communications Committee.

In eps 23, Jandi is moving to the fishing village where her family lives in now. There’s also a 1 new male character (the one whom they talked of being a former company’s president yet turned poor bcoz of certain reason), according to Newsen this guy will eventually hold a important role in the drama ending. Then the ‘dead’ Junpyo’s daddy is also predicted to hold an important role to both Jandi Junpyo’s relationship.


I knew, there’s something bout that guy , who suddenly appear n being talked  of the town among the villager ^^ I just don’t know what role he’ll play in the drama. Then, i knew there’s something fishy bout Junpyo’s daddy sudden death. I predict it’s all the Evil Mommy idea, in order to put Junpyo in the family business (though it’s not a wrong thing to do, yet, what’s wrong is, the way Junpyo’s mommy do it). I knew, when Jang secretary asked Jandi to take care of his ‘hyungnim‘  n asked her to keep it  secret from Junpyo n Evil Mommy, i was curious about the sick person. Then, when i did my afternoon ‘thinking’ 🙂 the idea of the sick person is Junpyo’s daddy came across my mind :)- as i stated in my twitter-

Haha, this BOF drama successfully dragged me into the BOF addiction. Man, the Korean version surely have a great creative team. Salute to the team 🙂 I can’t wait to see the ending.

Ok, after KBS putting us in deep curiousity ^^

I found some spoilers from youtube, i dunno whether it’s going to be the exact one or not.. yet, the prediction is quite similar with the manga, so what the heck, it might be true aight ^^We can read it while keep up the curiousity rite 🙂

So, for fun, I will share it with u guys ^^


credits : orangecrush37 @ youtube

The reason that Jan Di decides to break things off with Jun Pyo:
Chairwoman Kang hits her where it hurts – the chairwoman victimizes both Ji Hu and Ga Eul.

A slight of Eps 23

On the way home from drinking at a club, he sees one of those game machines where you try to grab a toy with a claw. He gets upset when he cant grab one, and thinks back to his double-date with Jan Di. Upset, he smashes the machine and gets caught. Secretary Jung and Jun Hee come to pick him up from the detention centre. Jun Hee is extremely sad to see her brothers emotional deterioriation.

The reason for Jun Pyos memory loss is probably in episode 24:
He takes a blow that was directed towards Ji Hu. Jan Di is not present at the time. (Actually, there are rumours that someone attacked Ji Hu with a knife THINKING that he was Jun Pyo. Then, Jun Pyo stepped in to protect Ji Hu. This has not been confirmed, however.)
Ji Hu fans beware – he is going to be temporarily miserable:
a) His grandfather is sick.
b) Jan Di rejects him. (KPs note: It is being assumed that he tries proposing with the ring – not confirmed.)
c) Jun Pyo gets hurt on his behalf.
Regarding Ga Eul and Yi Jeongs scene at Namsan:
The photo of the scene filmed MIGHT have been to attempt to mislead viewers because it is not a date. Yi Jeong shows up at the porridge shop and goes to Namsan with Ga Eul. First, they discuss the sudden disappearance of Jan Di. (KPs note I assume that she left without telling anyone so that Chairperson Kang would leave Ga Eul and Ji Hu alone.) Then, Yi Jeong asks to speak personally to Ga Eul. However, she cuts him off and tells him not to feel burdened – she will leave him alone from now on and she doesnt regret anything that happened with him because she tried her best. From there, she leaves alone.
KPs prediction was right in that the drama will end with a 1 year later scene. However, the ending has yet to be confirmed and the script for episode 25 is not available. By years later, we mean like in My Girl or Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.

  1. sarah_sofea says:

    omg! omg! what’s the ending???????? does jun pyo end up wif jan di????? oh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  2. Imuyachan says:

    @ sarah_sofea : thx 4 coming. all of us is highly anticipating the ending, yet, the official teaser hasn’t been released by KBS (as per my reply now). yet, my personal opinion will be : yes, they will end up together (Junpyo Jandi), coz i think none of the 2 released versions (Taiwan & Jap) changed the ending 🙂 they only change the storyline into their own creativity without loosing the original roots 🙂 I think u shud keep on watching the drama, coz despite the ending, the Korean version is really a good drama to watch ^^ Happy watching , n keep coming for more Boys over Flowers drama 🙂 Annyong !

  3. supersenior says:

    is jandi end up with junpyo??*praying*
    i would love to see them together!

  4. thegirlwithambitions says:

    Just started a new blog and would love for you to check it out!


    p.s good work on your blog, update me if you have a new post so i can come check it out 🙂

  5. Imuyachan says:

    @ thegirlwithambitions : thx 4 coming 🙂 i will visit ur blog 🙂 keep coming for updates 🙂 or follow me in Twitter 🙂 annyong 🙂

  6. yash says:

    ..y is it dat der is no video for da lst ep25.. for english sub..
    ..will u make video for d fans here in PhiL.

  7. shino says:

    uhmmm is there anyone who knows where i can watch boys before flowers episode 24???

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