(Update) Korean Boys over Flowers teaser Photos+ Junpyo’s amnesia!

Posted: March 23, 2009 in Celeb Updates, drama, English
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Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

The boys over Flowers drama recently is showing the triangle love relationship between Junpyo+Jandi+Jihoo. Though, i personally didn’t considered it that way, since JP loves JD n JD as well, yet, Jihoo is only one sided loving Jandi.

As Lee Minho stated during the interview, he said that Gu Junpyo is never be able to forget Jandi, since she is the first girl he loves and dated. And he won’t give up on her no matter what the condition will be.

As for Jihoo. He is JP’s best friend and also loving Jandi (one sided love). So, it’s very hard also for Gu Junpyo in facing his best friend & the girl he loves.

Lee Minho when asked to choose between Geum Jandi & Ha Jaekyoung if he’s Gu Junpyo,  said he will choose Geum Jandi in terms of her character is more attractive for him. Yet, he said that Ha Jaekyoung character is a very comforting character, so it’s actually hard to choose between the 2.


Full credits : Sookyeong @ wordpress

The highlight to episode 21 (typo : shud be eps 22) of Boys Over Flowers set to air on 23rd March – another of Joon Pyo and JanDi kiss.

JanDi had wanted to leave Joon Pyo with the best of their last memories together and had went on a farewell trip to the seashore with Joon Pyo.

Regarding this kissing scene, there was actually many NG cuts to it. Reason being that because they were filming by the sea and the sea breeze kept blowing at Goo Hye Sun’s face, she had the trouble of running nose and that impeded on the progress of filming of the kissing scene.

When asked who he would choose, between JanDi and JaeKyung, Lee Min Ho said, “I’m actually more like JanDi in real life in terms of character. Both of them have their own charms and it is hard to choose. But if I were Joon Pyo, I would go with the 2 of them. I would have to two-time.”

With the last episode to the drama to be aired on 31st March, actor Lee Min Ho revealed, “With just 9 days of filming left, every remaining days gets more precious.”

When asked about the thing he wanted to do most after the drama ends, Lee Min Ho said, “I want to sleep for a whole day. And then go on a trip. Definitely not New Caledonia. I want to go to places I haven’t been to. And I want to do loads of shopping too. I will want to do a photoshoot in London.”

Meanwhile, pictures galore.

eps-22-kisu bap-jp eps22-car

eps-22-haengbokhae1 eps-22-ng-cut jd-jp-eps-221

I’m not posting all pictures, so u guys will still have the curiousity 🙂

As for Eps 22 , Jandi wil have her trip with Junpyo, which she considered as a farewell trip, yet Junpyo doesn’t know bout this Junpyo will reunited with Jandi as Jaekyoung lay off their wed. Then, for following eps (23 &24 perhaps) according to newsen site, Junpyo Jandi will have their “farewell trip” , (as i watch eps 23 preview, this is decided by Jandi as Junpyo’s mummy will make Gaeul dad’s troubled at his office, and Jandi plan to leave Junpyo since she feels sorry for Gaeul T_T  just like the previous 2 versions) , and it is said, that probably Junpyo’s amnesia will also be featured in the last episodes n there will be this 1 girl that lie n tell Junpyo she is his girlfriend. This part i still dunno.. I shud say that KBS really tricked the viewers by releasing those teaser photos.. sorry if my posting misleading sometimes, i’m just translating from newsen,so i’m also feel tricked by KBS 😦

Yet, in my opinion, Korean version will make the amnesia issue short like Japanese version since it’s only 2 eps left ^^ But in the end Jandi will be back to JP. If the production team followed the original manga ^^ I’m just pretty sure bout this. Though i have to admit how the Korean production team did a very good job in making us curious about the drama ending 🙂

Junypo Jandi manseh !!

  1. arvin ace says:

    what’s manseh?

  2. Imuyachan says:

    @ arvin ace : manseh means ten thousand years. It is often translated into ‘hurrah’ in English. Dictionary explanation : ” This word can be used after the noun to be praised, or alone. Some people prefer to use Manmanseh because this longer one means ten thousand times longer period than manseh”. Hope u understand ^^ thx 4 coming 🙂

  3. Jenni says:

    in my country it’s still not finished yet!!

  4. Tika says:

    Can u tell me ending of this drama, jun pyo with jan di, or jun pyo with other girl, or jan di with other boy, please T_T

  5. yuki says:

    I love you too much.If you don’t have mine,I want to be your friend.I want to know your biography exactly.Please reply to me.
    with regards

  6. darzy says:

    hi f4 i can’t wait you to come here in Philippines….

    i love you kim bum

  7. Teresa says:

    thanks a lot for bringing so much kilig…….we really love you…….hope to have more korean novelas together…… and as one of your die hard fan I really wanted to see you in person……
    You didn’t know how much happiness you’ve given to us whenever Im watching BOYS OVER FLOWERS….I really really really really really love it……..

  8. dale says:

    here 4rom Philippines ! i love boys over flowers very much hope i can see u guys !

  9. stefina says:

    gu jun pyo is damn sweet n romantic…………..

  10. jen says:

    we really love you guys…….wish to see you in person.

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