(Photos & quick recap): Korean Boys over Flowers Eps.20

Posted: March 17, 2009 in drama, English, recap
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Ok, while waiting the online videos with English sub, i give u the eps.20 photos.

There’s an improvement and reconciliation between Yoon Jihoo and his grandad. While Jandi who’s homeless now, taken by Junpyo’s noona to Gu’s ‘Palace’ (since it’s too big to be called as house ) and be Junpyo’s personal maid 🙂

The elder maid  is also made her appearance here. She will also support Jandi n Junpyo 🙂

I love to see the photo when the two watch Horror movie and Junpyo hugged Jandi on his bed when she tries to wake him up in the morning 🙂 This has been also my fave scenes from Taiwan version 🙂

Enjoy 🙂




  1. Qraina dee says:

    It’so amazing.. The best drama that i’ve ever watch.would u come 2 indonesia?;-)

  2. george says:

    oh my god…
    this tandem is incredible…
    the artist are overwhelmed with their characteristics……
    May God bless all of you as you encounter more love
    scenes in your show,,,,,,,,
    heheeh Philippines…>>>

  3. maya says:

    w salut bngt sm bbf,udah orangnya cakep cakep pokoknya
    salut dech

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