Jandi married to Jihoo ???? (+ quick teaser for eps.21)

Posted: March 17, 2009 in drama, English
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After previous photo leaked of Junpyo’s wed, now it’s the other couple turn..

Man, as much as i loveeeeeeeeee Hyunjoong, I just dislike this kind of ending 😦 I hate when people change the ending , specially when the original ending is a great one 😦

I hope this is only  released to make viewers keep on eyeing the drama and create high attention to the drama ending.. They said it’s a teaser for tonight’s epsiode (eps.21).

Man , i can’t wait to see the unsub drama after posting this 😦


Ok. I already went to kbs site n read the teaser for eps.21. It stated that Junpyo n Jaekyoung is going to have their wed party in Jeju island. Then, all F4 and Jandi followed them to the island. Yet, 1 day b4 the wed, Noona of Junpyo come n tell him advices and also shared her experiences (she was also forced to marry a guy whom her mom agreed on n had a business agreement too with his  son in law family ) n she tells Junpyo to not doing the same mistakes as her n regret in the future..If im not mistakenly reading n translating, it was written, that there’s a part when both Junpyo n Jaekyung inside the church, Junpyo kneeled down n ask for a break up since he realised that he cudn’t let go Jandi..OMOOOOO, am so exciting.. but this only explains Junpyo’s part.. KBS didn’t write anything about Jandi n Jihoo’s wed.. Hix… i need to see the video as in rite now.. but they haven’t posted all parts.. hix… am so curious….

  1. alice says:

    i want to see Jandi and Jihoo together as the ending!!!

  2. Imuyachan says:

    hi alice ssi 🙂 Jihoo Jandi is such a perfect couple.Both likes the same thing yet they’re too similar each other. Jandi Junpyo is like the opposite attract and it’s each other’s true love 🙂 hehe..according to the manga of yoko kamio, Jandi shud be with Junpyo. yet, if the korean version decide to change the ending, it wud let down many hana yori dango fans n am sure yoko kamio as the Mangaka as well .. Despite all that, as drama fans, we do have our own ending rite ^^ am Hyunjoong avid fan 🙂 but for this drama, i choose Jandi Junpyo couple :)as for Jihoo, i will keep him for myself ^^ haha..

  3. joyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoy says:

    these pics are for a contest. its a cutest couple in wedding gowns and stuff like that. they only did it cuz jandi wanted the money that was the first prize. so she kissed him to make the picture get more votes and the crowd was cheering for thm too!!! to cute!!!

  4. Imuyachan says:

    @ joyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoy : thx for explaining.. my friends translate it into wedding conference.. i guess what she meant is wedding contest instead a conference.. coz if conference im refering to wed reception instead 🙂 that’s why im confuse what the relation of the wed conference with jandi’s bro Gasan 🙂 hehe..thx for explaining 🙂 thats’ relieving 🙂

  5. 구준표 says:

    i want junpyo and jandi to be together!!no matter what!kk..

  6. Kimberly says:

    goom jandi you are so pretty and nice

  7. Rishiel says:

    hi im rishiel i love the team up of two hottest korean star junpyo and jandi they always make me crazy at night watching there drama.i love the attitude of jandi cause she work double time just to earn money…..i wish this drama will have happy ending!!!!!!!!!!mwah

  8. frances joy says:

    hey your so beautiful jandi your so bagay sana ganyan rin ako when i grow up we love you and you know i im your number one fun i love you guyzzzzz!!!

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