(Photos) : Jang Jayeon’s Funeral !

Posted: March 8, 2009 in Celeb Updates, English, Korean Entertainment
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All the Boyㄴ Over Flowers Casts, crew n also Boys over Flowers publisher from Group 8 come to pay their respect.

Credits as attached.

hyunjoong-at-funeralKim Hyunjoong (김현중)

guhyesun-at-funeralGu Hyesun (구혜순)

leeminho-at-funeralLee Minho (이민호)

kimbum-at-funeralKimbum (김 범)

kimjoon-at-funeralKimjoon (김 준) & 이 민 호

kimsoeun-n-ghs-at-funeralKim Soeun (김서 은) & Hyesun ssi

minyoungwon-at-funeralMin Youngwon

group-8-at-funeralBoys Over Flowers publisher Group 8 representative

  1. anneo haseyo..
    i’m just hear the news due the death of Jang Jayeon agassi today this friday..
    i’m totally shock about it n i cn’t believe her death just happened in monday..
    i really thought that i cn see her acting in other drama or movie scene bcause i really like her stlye,personality n her face expression..
    she really good at acting n i almost get pranked n got mad during her acting in drama series Boys Over Flower..evertime i watch the drama it feel like she still alive..
    i hope she cn rest in peace..
    P.S:Jang Jayeon agassi..nan chong-man kamsahanmida Bcause ur present as actor in this world..
    may u rest in peace n God alawys by ur side n hoping that u will reborn again to brings joy n fun in other life coming up..
    nan sarang haeyo Jang Jayeon agassi..
    Goodbye forever…

  2. dienda says:

    huhuhuhuh…im so sad

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