(HAWT) SS501: Leader Kim Hyunjoong in MBC Section TV !

Posted: March 7, 2009 in Celeb Updates
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Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

SS501 leader + F4 member Kim Hyunjoong featured in March 6,2009 MBC ‘Section TV’ , a weekly entertainment news program in MBC TV.

Kim Hyunjoong shared his feelings in his 1st acting experience as Yoon Jihoo. He thinks it’s a good yet hard role, since it’s his 1st acting experience.

Yoon Jihoo character is a person who lost his parents in a very young age because of an accident, which made Yoon Jihoo isolated himself from his surroundings (Autism kid).

Kim Hyunjoong said, ” I know my acting is still not good and lack here and there. It’s my first acting and the role is quite complicated. yet, i try to put my best into it”.

The hardest part is when i need to act angry. It was difficult for me, yet i made it through several practices.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyunjoong also had his kissing scenes which made him very nervous. He had a kissing scenes with Min Seohyeon (Han Chaeyoung) and also with Geum Jandi (Gu Hyesun).

“I was so worried during these kissing scenes of course”, he said with full of  laughter.

In this interview, Hyunjoong also mentioned that his woman type is  a person who has a cool personality.

Last year, Kim Hyunjoong was also featured as one of the cast of MBC We Got Married together with HwangBo who has gain many attentions and fanbase . The couple was famous as JoongBo / Ssangchu couple! Kim Hyunjoong said,” many people questioned our divorce, yet, i have to admit that as other people (read : viewer) I was in deep confusion of what is real and what is not”. Kim Hyunjoong also stated that he wants to get married when he’s 30 years old.

Hyunjoong is superb hawt yet skinnier than b4. His jawline is so sharp now. Anyway, his acting as YoonJihoo has caught many people’s attention. I think as a newbie in acting, his acting is above average. Haha 🙂

Leader !! Please finishes ur acting activities, coz i can’t wait to see u in music show again 🙂

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