Update : Lee Minho’s bday Party !

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Celeb Updates, English, Korean Entertainment
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credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

Lee Minho , whom recently gain drama fan attention with his role as Gu Junpyo in Korean BOF, will get his bday party prepared by  his fan club.

Right now, the fan club is preparing his bday party which will be on June 22.

Lee Minho is getting more and more fans, and his fan club member number is already reach a 100.000 people.

The number is expect to increased, since the drama  is still airing and leading the rating.

He’s going to be 22 years old this year (23 years old in Korean calendar)

I wonder what the fans will prep for him ^^

  1. Kutbo namja says:

    Hmmm, Advance saeng chulka hamnida … Hmm, I hope more blessings to come to your career LEE MIN Ho… We know You can do it. And as for everybody knows,,,can anyone tell me, where Hanoeul Young leave? Because I read the article of Mr.Kim Ki Bum and it says there that there is a woman behind in his career…. It is might true right? hmm, How come,, I just heard it for some Entertainment Gossip but I don’t see her face actually, can Any one send me her pic.? Oah by the way, This is my YM….. Have a chat ^_^ ., >>> marianne_eunhye@y.c…. kamsa hamnida……

  2. Imuyachan says:

    @ kutbo namja : hi there. thx 4 coming. emm, regarding ur Question, i don’t really get it. u mean, there’s a guy behind lee minho’s career or behind kibum’s career ? n is hanoeul Young is the girl name or what ? hehe.. sorry for my lack of understanding 🙂

  3. Rihanna says:


  4. shalay says:

    what do they mean when they sya that he is 22 but 23 on korean calender

  5. Imuyachan says:

    @ shalay : Korean celebrates Lunar New Year too, n since the Lunar New Year is always after the Western New Year (which used Gregorian calendar), so the Korean age is always 1 year older according to their tradional calendar. More of it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_calendar and here for Gregorian calendar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_calendar

  6. nyomkiz says:

    is it true that he had a lip operation??
    but his lips look sexy :p

  7. aishah says:

    hi… what happend after ep 25…is there any season 2 or film?

  8. kay says:

    hmm…i’ll be expecting ku hye sun in his b-day!!!!
    don’t 4get to prepare a program for the two of them!!
    tnx!!!i’m really excited…..

  9. Qraina dee says:

    That’s so interesting to follow up his career growth.. By this time,i always be his fan.. Can he always keep his fans?Or we will keep away someday.. Keep ur spirit..!We support u..I love u min ho..(oh..How dare me!Hoho)

  10. Hi! I am from Philippines.

    I really am a big big fan of boys before flower and a certified fanADDICT of Gu Jun Pyo’s character.hehehehe

    It is not yet aired on Philippine tv but i still manage to watch it online even it costs me a lot of my precious time.. hehe But it is going to be aired soon. i can’t wait! Mind you, everyone here in the Philippines is truly now obsessed with the drama. We all love Lee Min Ho — I LOVE EVERYTHING OF HIM.. gosh!!! really!!!! I love him!

    HOW CAN I JOIN HIS fans club?

    • Imuyachan says:

      am communicating with his management regarding on how to join his fanclub.. yet, due to my wrist injury the entire week i cudn’t go online n update bout this issue, will inform u the soonest i get the info 😉

  11. Imuyachan says:

    @ nyomkiz : in my opinion his lip looked the same as b4

    @ aishah : eps 25 is the final eps. season 2 is only rumour, but i will inform if it’s official 🙂

    @ kay : yeah, it will b great to see Hyesun ssi in his bday rite 🙂

    @ Lorena Gonzales : i will try to find out on how 2 join his fanclub

    thx for coming guys 🙂

  12. kototama says:

    Hm…hope his birthday party will be great…but I don’t get one thing…so his fans…from his fanclub…are preparing birthday party for him…that he will attend? So it means…anyone who is in his fanclub can attend that party where he will be?

    That sounds kinda cute and scary ;o)

    • Imuyachan says:

      yes, everyone who joins his fanclub can attend his bday party in which Minho ssi will attend :)it’s common in Korea for star to celebrate bday with thier fanclub 🙂 thx 4 coming 🙂

      • kototama says:

        wow…thank you for your reply.That is really awsome. Not that I would be attending his B-party in Korea (so so far away) but how can we join his fanclub?

  13. monica says:

    hapi hapi advance hapi birthday to lee min ho…

    wish him all the luck and success in his career… hope all your fans can make you hapi in your special day…


    -monica, philippines

  14. daryl gica says:

    happy birthday in advance…………………………………….
    your so cute (gwapo) I wanted to see you

  15. fatma says:

    same here in the Philippines, you have so many many fans here and one of them. you’re so handsome!! and cute also…. wish you a good luck to your career! mwaa!

  16. sheila says:

    huwoo.. i really love him.. firstly, i think he was looked like Tao Ming Tse from Meteor Garden, but now i realize, he’s the one and only in my thinking..
    wait me in your fans club site.. hahaa
    *i’m from Indonesia*

  17. sheila says:

    hei. i’m from Indonesia..
    i really love to watch BOF on kbs.. haahaa
    firstly, i thinked that he looked like Tao Ming Tse, Meteor Garden. but now, i realize that he is the one and only i think about.. haahaa 🙂
    just wait me at his fansite. hehee
    btw, why his age isn’t same at Korean calender and Universal calender??

  18. Sandy, Australia says:

    hi everyone…..does he have english official website? i’m from australia and i dun understand korean at all….i saw his foto on boys over flowers series at one shop and bought it……he is such a sweet heart!!! he played well in badboy character…..his arrogant style and handsome face with curly hair r so hotttt ♥♥♥

  19. lhea says:

    hello♥♥♥♥ im one of your fans i hope you will come here in the philippines to see all of your fans and also me. may i know if you are still single thats all

  20. katherine mae booc says:

    hi lee min-ho..ur s0o handsome..u know what?!i’m really addicted to u….

    take care as always…

    Love Lots!…

  21. Karina says:

    Wow..It’s really awesome..I really wanna know his another movie or drama bside BOF,bcoz i really addicted!!Can u tell me?Will he come to indonesia..?In indo BOF will be started at 1st june..4 the fans i really happy if u want visit my *y!m:greatzagirl@yahoo.Co.Id..N once more..Who is minho’s girlfriend?:-).Oh..How lucky u are..Thank u.Bubye..

  22. april says:

    advance HAPPY BDAY lee min ho…love yah!

  23. mitch says:

    hi.i’m one of your admirer gu jun pyu i hope u see here in italy milan one day before i have 20 yrs.now i 18 yrs.after 2yrs.if i not see you i come to korea to meet you.bye

  24. hi!!! lee i’m ur bgest fan in de hole universe……. i love you sowww much..
    i wish i could see u someday…..
    i lovvvveee youuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh…………………….

  25. rheababe says:

    advance happy happy b-day to you lee minho, wish you get your dream to be a hoollywood korean actor together your leading woman in the world gu hye sun. i hoope she will sing you a songs as a special gift.for your b-day through playing piano… i really like her magnetic voice, & i wish you too sing a duet with her.your new album my everything & her song she was sang i’ll show you everything. what a couple..amazing twins songs,goodluck,good health,god bless you always…love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu..

  26. Novierzhaa says:

    . you very” handsome….

  27. attagrl says:

    Hi!m a huge fan of F4’s Gu Jun Pyo..m just wondering if LEE MIN Ho is somewhat similar to his character in Boys over Flowers…anyways,the curly hair looks good on him and hes got a nice set of teeth,cute smile and expressive eyes..good luck on your career and i hope that i will see you in the future…

  28. rheababe says:

    we hope you have a next project with hye sun and kim joon woobin… i like him too, his look like a kind person and loveable…like how he protect hye sun in bof…congrats for t-max..fighting….!

  29. kimberly says:

    SARANGHAEYO LEE MIN HO.. I Hope There’s another BOYS OVER FLOWER PART 2 CAn you make it long this TIME.. PLZ.. For your FANS..

  30. juey says:

    hi…happy b-day lee…
    this is juey…im a girl ok..
    hehehe…like u a lot…

  31. :: hello jun pyo

    ::you know wat i really admire you

    ::you are the type of guy i wanted to be with me in the rest of my life.

    ::i hope you’ll be my BoyFriend



    :: i love you. mwah. congratulations to your success.

  32. twin5cute says:

    kamu keren banget deh, plus sangat sangat sangat cute…..kapan main ke indonesia…….? di tunggu kedatangannya OCE…. BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS sukses selalu……

  33. jaja says:

    happy birthday lee min ho…may you have a fruitful year ahead and i wish you all the happiness and health in this world…keep up the good attitude and you’ll be blessed in return…love you

  34. yuoliang says:

    lee min ho you are so cute……
    you are so “ca’em”….
    khu khu fuhfuh….
    I miss you…..
    I love you….
    I need you 4-ever….

  35. kiran says:

    happy birthday dear lee min ho… wish all the best for you. wow… it’s really surprising how the korean movie star wanna celebrate birthday party with his fans club… that’s nice. Would you please record min ho’s birthday party in video camera n share it in youtube ?? Hmmm… I wish I were there (in his birthday party).Thanks in advance.
    Kamsa hamnida 😀

  36. iis says:

    i love u lee min ho,
    you tall,good looking……….
    where do you visit in indonesia???

  37. bibi says:

    happy birthday. wish you all the best

  38. wei_ni says:

    I’m from Indonesia.
    how are you?
    I think you are so interested….

    I know you have a birthday next monday…
    So, may I say “Happy birthday!!!” for you…
    Okay, Happy Birthday!

    Khamsahamnida for you come to my heart….

  39. Lee Min-Ho is so very Qt he’s my crush I hope that he has a wonderful b-day filled with happiness!

  40. Riztrya says:

    ah..happy birthday for my lovely lee min ho oppa..^^
    hopefully he will always luck, and god give him a long age, happiness, and all the best for him !
    love ya oppa..^^

  41. lee min ho says:

    hai,lee min ho……v”lated a_pi b-day……take care ….

  42. destya says:



  43. julie ann ocampo says:

    happy birthday lee min ho im from philippines sarang-hae lee min hoyour so very cute ahah i wish you come her in my beautiful country my country is very great sarang hae muah

  44. jhigee says:

    i love u gu jun pyo

  45. pooja says:

    hi! i am from india.
    i really love to watch BOF on kbs.but its not telecast on DTH.hi lee min ho or gu jun pyo

    i wanted to say belated happy happy b-day

    this is the 1rst time i send you comment
    Have a good health and god bless you
    hope you received it :] love you always take care.

  46. angelonely says:

    goo jon pyo, U R “keren” so much

  47. mikki says:

    Hope they will include PHILIPPINES in their asia tour..

  48. sha says:


    i cant talk again…
    u’r very100x HANDSOME

  49. sinar hayati fitri says:

    min hoo…………………

  50. babydoll says:


  51. amay says:

    i wish someday can see you live,,,,
    love you lee min ho

  52. frida venti yulanda riya says:

    i love yau…,,,lee min ho..,,,,,

  53. tya says:

    Min HOOOOOO…. I Loveeee youuu FUUULLLLLLLL

  54. joyce says:

    hi,to you my IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope you can have more movies soon,so i can watch it,i know your b-day is soon over but still i wanna great you a happy b-day to you!!!!!!!!!!!!more candles to blow& bleesings too……………..more power!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAB’S YAH

  55. hanna says:

    Can you send me your picture to my G-mail address?
    If you send me,I thanks to you.I wish you happy in every time.

    Bye-Bye.See you online.Reply me letter.

  56. erawati santoso says:

    i love u lee minho.
    love u always.. always good luck for u..

  57. geneva says:

    hi lee min ho your very cute and I love Boys Over Flowers very much your smile makes me happy

  58. the` the` says:

    You are cute and handsome. I like your action. I like Boys Over Flowers movie. You have attraction. If u free, invite my gmail. I am your audience. I like u in my soul.

    bye bye

  59. lyda says:

    My name Lyda, am fr Malaysia. U are so cute and i feel like wants to “bite” you!. I so love your caracter as Junpyo in Boys Over Flower.


    Kak Lee Min Ho,,,aku fans mu dari Indonesia, kakak ganteng banget yach?

  61. ausbin says:

    hi nice to meet u

  62. Rizma n fuah says:

    hey kak lee min ho pa kbr….

  63. angel.. says:

    i love u, lee min ho…

  64. pis says:

    u goooood ,handsome
    u must be top star in K
    good future……..?

  65. princess says:

    HAPPY B-DAY!!!gu jun-pyoooo^_^

  66. tezar says:

    hi!!my min-ho!!!

    hope u can visit here
    in the philippines…
    im one of
    your billion fans
    all over asia!!wfafefe!!!
    salam rukano langon!

  67. wis arum says:


  68. wis arum says:


    minho super guantenggggggggggggggggggggg!

  69. mirna says:



  70. sandra says:

    lee min ho

    I LOVE YOU TO……………………………………………………………

    A MIZZ U TO……………


  71. Ariasetia says:

    so.. have you found out how to join Min Ho’s fans club?
    I’m from Indonesia by the way, trying to figure out how to understand the web in korean, really hope he will have an english web version.

  72. Mi2 says:

    Lee minho…:-)kpn ne you datang ke indonesia!iam ngefanz bge…t ne!

  73. ratna_cute bgt says:

    duch lee min hoo ganteng bgtzzzzz dech

    q ngefans bgt………

  74. asdada says:


  75. Ariya yusmita says:

    I hope meet you lee!
    I need you!

  76. apple says:

    Dear Lee Min Ho,
    Hi to you, I’m one of your grate fan, hope I could see you in personal, but i know that will not happen because we are too far from each other, hope you can read this message good luck to your career.
    P.S I’m from Philippines
    Sincerely yours

  77. xtine says:

    i Love min hoo very much.. he’s a very good actor.. i wish i could see him in person

  78. Ahri says:

    I love u Lee min ho…mmmuuaacchh,,,..

  79. hai……………..
    mahal kita jun pyo……


  80. hai………… mis na mis na kita mahal …………….

    hinahanap kana ng anak natin jun pyo

    sana umuwi ka na

    take care i love you

  81. icy precious says:

    i_i want u to know
    l_labis kitang mahal
    o_over man ako sayo
    v_very standing amn ako sayo
    e_ewan ko ba kong bakit ako in love sayo ang gwAPO MO TALTGA

  82. sunita ghale says:

    lee min ho I LovE You so so so so much
    I’m one of your grate Fan.And you and you’r famile is all ways happy Fighting .I’m from Nepal.

  83. cindy says:

    hi,,,,my handsome idol,,,
    hope your fine ,,


  84. cindy says:

    i just waiting the day that i saw you in person…


  85. tenzin says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY may all ua wishes n dreams cum true dis year ~~~~~luv u alwayz

  86. stail says:

    kkkkkkkkkk cute boy i love lee min ho

  87. jesy29 says:

    hahahahaha your so cute hope you finb the right girl. . . . . . . .. . . . .

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