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Popular drama from KBS2 TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will launch their vol.2 OST.

This time, it will featured the beautiful voice of Kim Hyunjoong of SS501 singing the acoustic version of ‘Because I’m Stupid’ , which is previously sung by his group SS501.

The OST album will still consist of previous Ost singers, such as : T-max (Paradise-opening theme), SS501 (Because I’m Stupid-closing theme), SHInee (stand by me) and Ashley (Lucky).

The song is hoped to be able to compete in the chart, challenging the current top chart champion SNSD-Gee and even with SS501’Because I’m stupid (group version) itself.

According to the OST officials (on March 1), the Vol.2  will be release online in early March and the album will be released soon after that.

I really like the accoustic version, i miss leader’s voice, so it’s nice to have him singing this version ^^ Though, the group version has its own characteristic 🙂

  1. jobelle says:

    wahh!! he will have an acoustic version??? do you where can i download it??? pls reply..

    • SanosukeSagara says:

      They’re releasing OST’s Only????

      Would There still be a part two or its only an after story???? please e mail me if youve got any information. . . so that i would not be waiting for something that will not be coming . .

  2. Imuyachan says:

    hi there..the complete album has not be released, so we need to wait patiently ^^ but the group new single for the closing theme is already around the net 🙂

  3. none says:

    why Ican`t download The OST ??!

    Can any wan help me please ^^

    Thanks allot

  4. meri says:

    jii hoo..ur sO hundsOme..i lOve yOu sO much!!..

  5. jko says:

    i miss u so much, Kim Jeung Him.JIHO ILOVE U.

  6. louiesse says:

    hi guys…could you please help me find the title of the song wherein jan di threw the necklace that jun pyo gave him…the scene is they are near the pool and jan di was giving the necklace back to jun pyo but he refuses to have it so jan di threw it on the pool…

    pls guys…help me out with this…i really like that song… kudos to the staff and crew of BOF…

    lav yah yi jung….

  7. tie says:

    ji hoo… your very handsome… the best actor in the BOys Before Flowers… is very good…

  8. thitsarshin says:

    ji hoo
    you are very handsome
    I like you so much i Boys Over Flowers

  9. thitsarshin says:

    ji hoo ……….you are very handsome. I like you so much in “Boys Over Flowers”

  10. happy girl says:

    ji hoo,
    i like ur style in Boys over Flowers. I pray lucky for you.

  11. key says:

    sarangheo///////////////////////////// for ss501

  12. antionette says:

    i dont know who they are but they look good of boys

  13. nisa' says:

    ji ho.. u r so cute..
    u r a good actor..
    good luck,,
    hope u can get wat u want

  14. kiran says:

    hi jihu iam big fan of u and i like u soooooooooooooo much

  15. sevda says:

    hi ji hu i like u and i devotion u

  16. amentha anej says:

    hey u be happy to know that this movie is my favorite of all…..and am from Marshll Is….i always wanted to know aboout chu guys…..ur my favorite actor…..so hit mehhh….back soon as possible………got it!!!!!!!

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