Last night, the drama slot was replaced with special BOF talk show, i will post it the soonest  the translation finished.

As i mentioned in the previous post, that Eps.17 will still airing Tue, March 3,2009 yet, eps.18 will be airing next week (read : March 9)As for now, i got this special preview, which is posted in daum site.

The translation  summary  is as follow (credits : ihatefinals @ youtube) :

Jaekyung said that she couldn’t sleep well because she and Junpyo had their historical moments last night. Then she said that he went to Seoul because he was shy.

The parents are going to an island where jandi’s uncle is. Jandi and her brother are going to stay to go to school.

Gaeul’s teacher, who is Yi jung’s first love, tells Gaeul to confess to Yijung because she had made a mistake in the past and she regrets it. So Gaeul asks Yijung on a date.

Watch the Eps.18 preview !

Credits : + ratoka26 @ youtube

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