(HAWT) Update: Korean Boys over Flowers Eps.18 (only) delayed fr AIRING !!!

Posted: March 2, 2009 in drama, English
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Credits : newsen + imuyachan for English translation if taken out

Gu Hyesun is hospitalized due to her injuries in last time accident, that is why  the production team decide to delay the eps.17 & 18 from airing this week Only delaying eps.18 from airing this week, and eps.17 willbe airing on Wed,March 3rd,2009 ! . Tonight’s drama slot will be replaced with an F4 talkshow.

Gu Hyesun suffered from accident on Feb 27,2009 on her way home from the shooting. She was hoped to be released from hospital on Feb 28, yet her condition is worse than expected, so she’s still hospitalized up until now !

Just an update, all the F4 member were paying Hyesun ssi a visit today. While the fans  is happily welcome the delays, since they hope that all crew and casts can take some rest during this break.

As for Kim Hyunjoong, it is decided that Hyunjoong together with Manager and coordinator will take turns on driving the vehicle. So, they can take rest while the other’s driving.

Meanwhile, here’s the teaser for Eps.17 ^^ The kissing scene is also featured in the previous 2 versions..

No worries, this kiss doesn’t affect anything to Gu Junpyo ^^

Video credits to : ratoka26 @ youtube

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