f4Events : 45th Baek Sang Arts Awards ceremony on 27th February at Seoul Olympic Hall.

Kim Hyun Joong got ‘popularity award for the male artistes’ in the TV category

Actor Lee Min Ho got ‘the male newcomer awards‘ based on his acting  as ‘Goo Joon Pyo‘ in ongoing drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’

(All pictures, credit : Sookyeong + as attached )

hjl1 hjl2 kimjoon

leeminho leeminhostand kimbum

kimbum2 f4-again f4-too

  1. Nino says:


  2. nicky says:

    may i have your photo

  3. keta says:

    may i have ur photo.

  4. soso says:

    I especially love their president Ahqth

    vere vere nice


  5. mi mi says:

    i like leeminho .

  6. tapaung says:

    i like lee min ho .
    i want to photo for everyday.OK?

  7. nwezinhtet says:

    I like Lee Min Ho
    I want to have your photo.
    Please can you send me?

  8. bolor says:

    i luv lee min ho

  9. KHJfan says:

    hahaha kim joon’s the only one not wearing a bow tie; he should wear one so F4 would be the same 🙂

  10. preity says:

    i luv u
    lee min ho
    can u pls send me ur photo

  11. nguyen vu van anh says:

    love you so much. Sarang hae yo . I’m very happy when I see you > you alaways in my heart>^-^

  12. AZURA says:

    i love u all…
    u all cute!!

  13. retina says:

    heyyyyyy whatz up u all r soooooo cute wish 2 c u in person plz come 2 nepal:-)

  14. fatimah says:

    I like Lee min ho nhe is so cute and handsome. and my friend like kim bu

  15. sara says:

    o my god , you boys are amazing i love you so much

  16. dalin says:

    I really love F4 so much!

  17. dalin says:

    I love you all so much!
    You are all so cute !?

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